3 tips for choosing baby diapers so you don’t choose the wrong one

When it comes to newborn baby equipment, of course baby diapers are an important thing that we must pay attention to, Mums. Although currently there are many choices of baby diapers available in the market, various considerations such as size, material, to the features offered, need to be considered by Mums. This is of course so that your little one is comfortable and avoids the risk of rashes and irritation!

How to Choose the Right Diaper for Your Little One

For almost 24 hours the baby uses diapers, with the duration of using each diaper about 2-3 hours. Therefore, choosing the type of diaper that is comfortable and safe is a must for Mums. Well, here are some criteria for the right diaper for your little one!

1. Make sure the diaper used is the appropriate size for the baby

Similar to wearing clothes or shoes, diapers must also be adjusted to the size of the user. In this case, of course, the size that becomes the benchmark is the weight of the little one. Diapers that are too tight can cause discomfort and make the baby’s bottom moist more quickly. As a result, the diaper-covered skin area and the surrounding area can be more easily irritated.

So if you find rubber diaper marks on your little one’s skin, it could be a sign that the diaper size is too small. Try loosening the diaper more or changing it to a larger size.

On the other hand, a diaper that is too loose or too big can also cause the baby’s urine or feces to not be absorbed properly and leak out.

2. Choose the type of diaper material that is safe for baby’s skin

Baby’s skin is still very sensitive, so some types of ingredients may be easier to irritate the skin. According to the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), the ideal diaper, regardless of the material, must be able to maintain a stable pH and skin moisture, and prevent rashes from occurring.

Generally, disposable diapers consist of 3 layers, namely the inner layer, the core layer containing the absorbent, and the outer layer. The inner lining of diapers is usually porous to reduce skin friction and is supplemented with special formulas, such as zinc oxide, aloe vera, and petroleum, to keep the skin dry.

For the absorbent material in the core layer, the most commonly used are cellulose and absorbent gelling material (AGM) or superabsorbent, which is made of sodium polyacrylate. AGM has the ability to quickly separate urine from feces, retain fluid in its matrix, and maintain a stable pH. Meanwhile, the outer layer of disposable diapers is generally waterproof and made of a porous material so that your baby’s skin can still “breathe” properly.

3. Know the absorbency of the diaper and the features it offers

The absorption capacity of each baby diaper product may be different. However, you still have to regularly change your baby’s diaper at least every 2-3 hours. This is to avoid irritation due to the damp buttocks and pubic area.
To make it easier for you, some baby diaper products are also equipped with a urine indicator feature, where the color of the diaper will change when exposed to urine.

The Right Diaper Choice Solution for Your Little One

With some of the indicators previously mentioned, determining the right diaper choice for your little one is not complicated anymore, Mums. Well, Mums also don’t need to be confused anymore, K-Mom Diaper is here to be the right diaper choice for your little one!

K-Mom-Dual-Story-Diaper K-MOM Diaper is a baby diaper from Korea, which provides softness, has healthy air circulation, and keeps your little one from rashes and irritation. Having the ability to absorb 3 times faster evenly up to 500 ml and an extra dry feature, you don’t have to worry about the diaper leaking.

K-MOM Diaper is made of soft material that is extra thin with breathable features, allowing baby’s skin to breathe properly. To make it easier for Mums, K-Mom Diaper has also been equipped with a urine indicator feature, to indicate whether the diaper is full or not.

K-Mom Diaper is available in 2 variations according to your little one’s needs, which Mums can also choose based on their size:

  1. Variation: K-Mom Dual Story Band Diaper
  • S, M, L – Small (4-8kg): contents 68 pcs (for age less than 100 days).
  • Medium (7-11kg): contains 60 pcs (for babies who can crawl and sit).
  • Large (10-14kg): contains 56 pcs (for babies who can stand up).
  1. Variation: K-Mom Dual Story Pull-Up Diaper
  • L, XL, XXL, 3XL
  • Large (9-14kg): contains 34 pcs. – XLarge (12-17kg): contains 32 pcs.
  • 2XLarge (15kg-19kg): contains 30 pcs.
  • 3XLarge (19kg-24kg): contains 28 pcs.

Now, with the various sizes of diapers that are adapted to the baby’s weight and the features offered, of course K-Mom Diaper can be the right diaper choice for your little one. For Mums who want to get their products, K-Mom Diaper can be purchased through the official online store K-Mom Indonesia.