4 benefits of breakfast for children that shouldn’t be missed!

The application of a healthy lifestyle for your little one can be started from daily habits. One of them by getting used to breakfast from an early age. Unfortunately, many parents still take this habit for granted. Even though there are many benefits of breakfast that children can get, you know.

Of course, breakfast here isn’t just about filling your stomach. There are various important points that you need to pay attention to as parents, such as the nutritional content in food.

“Like breaking the fast, breakfast ensures blood sugar levels return to normal levels once the body is in rest mode at night.”

Benefits of Breakfast for Children

Breakfast is the most important eating activity for your little one. This is because the body does not get food intake for 8 to 10 hours while sleeping. So, breakfast will provide “fuel” for the body for your little one to start activities.

In general, the following are the benefits that children get when their little one does not miss breakfast:

Ideal weight

The 2018 Basic Health Research by the Indonesian Ministry of Health shows that the prevalence of childhood obesity (5-12 years old category) reaches 20% with 9.2% of it being obese.

With a healthy breakfast every morning, Mommy can help reduce the potential for children to have excess weight. The reason is, children will not go crazy at lunch or snack because they are already full from the start of the day.

Better Memory and Focus

The benefit of breakfast for children who are already in school is that their concentration levels become better while studying. In fact, children who regularly eat breakfast have better brain function, memory, and attention than children who skip breakfast in the morning.

Conversely, when the body does not get enough sugar intake, the concentration will decrease and interfere with the learning process at school.

Improved Academic Performance

Studies from the Food Research & Action Center show that children who eat breakfast have higher test scores. This is because children can absorb information even better when they are full.

This condition also proves that not only the muscles need food as fuel, but the brain also needs the same thing. The difference is, the muscles can get energy from the food eaten yesterday. However, the brain prefers energy from newly consumed food.

Better Health Conditions

Children who eat healthy food for breakfast tend to have better health conditions. Breakfast is an opportunity for Moms to provide important nutrition for children to get through the day.

Meanwhile, the impact of not having breakfast for school children or toddlers is feeling tired, lazy, and easily angry. So, make sure your little one doesn’t miss waking up in the morning and having breakfast together at the dinner table!

According to registered dietitian, Dee Madore, good food for children’s breakfast should consist of whole grains, sources of protein, fiber, milk, and also vegetables and fruit.

The content in the food above is very important for the growth and development of your little one. One type of food for your little one’s breakfast that fulfills this is Ivenet Grain Puff Pong.

Grain Puff Pong is a healthy cereal made from Korean whole wheat. This product contains fiber and minerals which are good for your little one’s digestive system. Suitable for weight control because the manufacturing process is not fried, but processed using the puff method.

This method uses high temperature and pressure in the process, then the pressure is drastically reduced, allowing wheat and other grains to expand into cereals.

In addition, this cereal contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese and magnesium) which can help meet your little one’s daily nutritional needs. Processed without the use of artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and has received certification from BPOM and HACCP. Making this cereal quality and very safe for the little one to consume.

Teaching children about the importance of breakfast and choosing a healthy breakfast menu before doing activities can help them find the right “path” for a healthier lifestyle.

Come on, apply breakfast for your little one regularly and feel the benefits now and in the future.