6 effective tips to restore body shape after giving birth

Pregnancy brings big changes to your body. During pregnancy, your weight will probably increase by around 5-15 kg. The size of the uterus will increase by about 500 times its normal size at the end of gestation. Not surprisingly, mothers sometimes have difficulty returning their weight back to normal after giving birth. Eits, but don’t worry, even though it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t try it.

Weight gain during pregnancy is caused by many factors, ranging from the larger the baby’s size, the more amniotic fluid, and also the wider uterus to facilitate the baby’s life in the womb.

After giving birth, your weight will decrease slowly like before pregnancy. Unfortunately, for some Mums, they may still be struggling with body weight and shape that are not the same as before. The reason is stretching the tissue that occurs during pregnancy, as well as eating patterns that are not controlled due to increased appetite during pregnancy.

Effective Tips to Restore Body Shape After Giving Birth

So, to get back in shape after giving birth, here are some good tips that you can do.

  • Practice walking as soon as possible after giving birth

Walking will make your body actively move and burn calories. However, still consult with your doctor about the right time to start this activity after labor.

  • Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises can help improve blood supply to the perineum and speed up the recovery process. As with other physical activities, you need to consult your doctor first about when you can do this exercise.

  • Breast-feed

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), breastfeeding can burn 450 to 500 calories per day. Women who give exclusive breastfeeding for 3 months are known to lose 1.5 kg more in weight than women who do not breastfeed or combine breast milk with formula milk. So, breastfeeding can certainly be an effective way to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

  • Keep the diet

Breastfeeding mothers need to pay attention to the nutritional intake they consume to maintain the quality and quantity of breast milk. As much as possible avoid foods and drinks that cause rapid weight gain, such as sugar. Besides being able to gain weight quickly, the sugar content also doesn’t provide much nutrition for mothers and babies. Instead, try eating healthy foods that can stimulate milk production, such as milk, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains, and fruit.

  • Massaging the abdominal area

After giving birth, generally Mums will feel the abdominal area is not as tight as it was before pregnancy. Coupled with the appearance of stretch marks due to stretching of the skin during pregnancy. All of this often makes Mums feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. Mums can routinely do massage with special oil in the area around the stomach to tighten it again. As a recommendation, you can try Buds Organics Massage Oil for Postpartum Mothers to treat this condition.

Made from organic ingredients, Massage Oil for Postpartum Mothers can help revitalize and restore the body to how it was before pregnancy. This massage oil also does not contain fragrances, artificial preservatives, and other harmful chemicals, so it is safe to use for the skin. Not only that, this oil also contains vitamins A & E so that it can nourish and protect the c-section area for mothers who give birth by caesarean section.

  • Using postpartum underwear and corsets

It has long been recommended that the use of corsets and special underwear after giving birth to restore body shape. Both of these clothes are believed to tighten the stomach area and return your posture to normal again. Choose underwear that can help support and tighten the abdomen, waist and hips and can adjust your body shape, such as the Postpartum Sculpting Girdle from Belly Bandit. Comes with “gotta-go” access and is able to compress the swollen abdominal area, support mobility, and accelerate postpartum recovery.

Apart from using the Postpartum Sculpting Girdle, you can also use the Belly Bandit Couture Belly Wrap. This corset features medically verified Power Compress Core technology to reduce, tone, and reshape the abdomen, waist and hips. Not only that, this corset can also help speed up postpartum healing and effectively help disguise stretch marks.

Changes in body shape after giving birth often make mothers feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. However, by regularly implementing the various tips above, it is not impossible that your body shape will return to what it was before pregnancy. Good luck, Mums!

Source: Guesehat