6 Most Effective Ways to Overcome Dry Skin During Winter

“Drier skin during winter is normal. However, you must continue to care for and address it properly to prevent severe damage to the skin.”

Do Mommy and the little one feel their skin getting drier in winter? Does Mommy already know how to address it?

During winter, the skin tends to become dry and itchy, which is a common occurrence. One of the reasons is the change in air humidity. However, do not underestimate this, as it can have an impact on overall skin health.

Therefore, let’s find out more about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of dry skin during winter. Read the complete review below.

Causes of Dry Skin During Winter

Why does the skin become dry in cold weather? One reason is that the moisture in the skin cells is absorbed by the cold air, making the skin dry and tight. This is supported by the explanation in the Journal of J Drugs Dermatol, which states that skin moisture decreases during winter.

Hal ini diperkuat penjelasan dari Journal of J Drugs Dermatol, penelitian dalam jurnal ini menjelaskan jika pada saat musim dingin kelembaban kulit akan menurun.

Additionally, dry skin in winter is also caused by narrowed blood vessels. In winter, blood vessels automatically narrow to conserve heat and maintain warmth in the body. This, in turn, leads to drier skin during winter.

In conclusion, dry skin during winter is caused by changes in humidity, and internal factors that conserve heat also contribute to drier skin during winter.

Symptoms of Dry Skin During Winter

Dry skin in winter can lead to several symptoms, including:

  1. Peeling skin
  2. Feeling rough and thick
  3. Skin cracks
  4. Redness for fairer skin
  5. Itching and burning sensation
  6. Increased sensitivity to touch

Do Mommy and the family experience these symptoms in winter? Address them promptly with the right steps to prevent skin damage.

Prevention and Treatment of Dry Skin During Winter

There are several ways Mommy can prevent and treat dry skin during winter, including:

1. Avoid Hot Showers

Taking hot showers in winter is comfortable, but it can exacerbate skin dryness. Therefore, avoid hot showers during winter to prevent dry skin

If cold showers are not feasible, pay attention to the water temperature, ensuring it is lukewarm.

2. Use a Humidifier

To prevent skin dryness due to low humidity, use a humidifier in the room. A humidifier helps maintain air moisture, keeping the skin moist during winter. Use the humidifier not only at night but throughout the day in winter.

3. Protect the Skin When Going Outside

Another way to prevent dry skin in winter is to protect it when going outside. Wear thick clothing that covers all areas of the skin.

Mommy and the little one can also use gloves and socks for added protection. However, avoid using wet gloves or socks as they can further dry the skin.

4. Keep the Body Hydrated

Besides protecting the skin externally, it’s essential to provide skin nutrition from within by staying hydrated.

Increase water intake during winter to prevent dehydration. Well-hydrated bodies also contribute to skin health, preventing it from drying easily due to sufficient water and moisture.

5. Avoid Peeling Dry Skin

When dry skin starts peeling, avoid forcibly peeling it. Let it peel naturally, as forcing it can cause skin damage and irritation.

6. Use Moisturizer More Frequently

To prevent and treat dry skin due to cold weather, use a moisturizer or special lotion. Apply moisturizer more frequently to prevent the skin from drying. Make sure the moisturizer is made from organic ingredients to prevent dry skin and is safe for Mommy and the little one, such as Buds Organics Frost Defence Cream.

Buds Organics Frost Defence Cream

This lotion is a special cream that nourishes, protects, and moisturizes the skin during winter. It is made from certified organic ingredients, ensuring it is safe for the little one and the family. Additionally, Buds Organics is free from harmful chemicals.

Apply the above methods to address dry skin during winter. With these approaches, the skin will maintain its moisture during winter. Don’t forget to always use Buds Organics Frost Defence Cream to keep the skin moisturized and protected from seasonal changes.