7 instant way to increase a child’s appetite!

Be alert if your child starts showing signs of being lazy to eat. Do this method to increase your child’s appetite, so that your little one is excited again and eats with gusto.

Seeing children starting to be lazy to eat, their appetite decreasing, and even refusing to eat at all, of course makes most parents confused. Even though it is normal for appetite to go up and down, if you are lazy to eat all the time it can be a sign that your child is not healthy and their daily nutritional needs are not being met. This will certainly interfere with its growth and development.

Usually, parents “panic” immediately give children an appetite enhancer multivitamins, which are certainly not cheap. Eittsss, don’t rush to give Moms multivitamins, it turns out there are more natural ways to increase your child’s appetite.

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Causes of Decreased Child Appetite

Before discussing what are the ways that can increase a child’s appetite, Moms should first know what causes a child’s appetite to decrease.

There are many reasons why children do not have an appetite. But, broadly speaking, the causes can be divided into 3, namely:

  1. Physical pain. This can be a loss of appetite due to infections, food allergies or intolerances, reflux or vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, colic, or side effects of medications,
  2. Psychological. Stress, depression, anxiety, can also occur in children and cause decreased appetite,
  3. Special reason. For example due to teething, slow growth phase, bored with the food menu, or when eating is always forced by parents.

Moms have to find out first, among these three things, what is the cause of your little one not having an appetite. After knowing it, Moms can effectively find a solution.

7 Ways to Increase Children’s Appetite

While Moms detect why a child’s appetite has decreased, Moms can do 7 ways that are considered effective to increase a child’s appetite instantly:

Serving Balanced and Varied Meals

The first tip to increase a child’s appetite is by giving him food with balanced nutrition. The food must meet the needs of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber that your little one needs.

As for the variety of food, to keep children from getting bored and interested in trying new foods. Mommy can change the shape, color, taste or texture of food to add to its appeal.

Set Consistent Eating and Snacking Schedules

A regular, consistent schedule for eating and snacking can help children feel hungry at the right time.

Avoid giving sweet snacks or drinks between main meals because it can reduce a child’s appetite. If you want to provide snacks, choose healthy and light snacks, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, or milk.

Invite Children to Exercise Routine

Most parents rarely pay attention to this one tip. It turns out that inviting children to exercise can increase children’s appetite. This is because when exercising the body’s metabolism becomes fast so that the intensity of burning calories becomes higher. This will make the child feel hungry. In addition, exercise can also reduce stress and increase the mood of children.

Mommy can invite children to exercise together or do physical activities that are fun for children, such as cycling, playing ball, or swimming.

Setting a Positive Example for Children

The majority of the behavior displayed by the Little One comes from the behavior of his parents.

Often children tend to imitate the behavior of their parents or adults around them. Therefore, Moms must be a role model and provide a positive example to children by eating good and healthy.

Show the child that Mommy enjoys the food served and praise the child if the little one wants to try or finish the food. Thus, children feel happy and valued, so eating is a positive thing for them.

Respect Children’s Tastes and Portions

Every child has different tastes and food portions.

Moms don’t need to force their children to like or spend food that their little one doesn’t like or too much for their stomach. This can make children feel depressed or traumatized by these foods.

Moms can ask children what their little ones like or don’t like and respect their choices. Moms can also adjust the child’s meal portion to the size of his hand or use a small plate so it doesn’t look too much.

Creating a Fun Dining Atmosphere

A pleasant dining atmosphere can make children more relaxed and comfortable while eating.

Mommy can create a pleasant eating atmosphere by turning off the television, gadgets or other distractions while eating. Then, invite your little one to talk about positive or funny things while eating.

In addition, let the child choose his own cutlery or seat while eating. This will give him confidence and comfort.

Provide Appetite Enhancer

If Moms feel the real problem is why the child doesn’t have an appetite, it’s not from the environment and the way your little one eats, but because your little one is bored with the same menu and food ingredients. Moms can provide natural loose powder that can increase your little one’s appetite.

Eiitsss, remember Moms, it has to be made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain MSG and other harmful ingredients, like the Sprinkling Recipe from Ivenet!

Sprinkling Recipe is a nutritious sprinkle powder made from natural Korean seaweed and vegetables. This loose powder contains antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber which are good for growing children. The taste is delicious, suitable to be mixed into your little one’s food menu, so that his appetite can increase.

Processed without MSG, coloring, preservatives and artificial flavors, so it is safe for your little one to consume. This loose powder is suitable for little ones aged 12 months and above. Available in 3 flavors: Seaweed, Seafood and Vegetable, so your little one is free to choose his favorite variant.

So, Moms don’t need to be confused anymore when a child’s appetite decreases, just apply all the tips that your little one eats voraciously. Good luck, Moms!