Avoid pain! Here are 3 good sitting positions for pregnant women.

“Entering the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of your pregnancy, you will experience a lot of discomfort, including when sitting. Choose a good and comfortable sitting position to avoid back pain and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Using specialized maternity underwear is also recommended to enhance comfort.”

The proper sitting position for pregnant women should be considered carefully, as just one wrong sitting position can be harmful to both yourself and the pregnancy.

The ongoing physical changes during pregnancy make it increasingly difficult to be active. Not only are activities hindered, but the expanding belly also affects the difficulty of sitting comfortably.

According to the PLoS One Journal, one common issue experienced by pregnant women is lower back pain. This pain can occur due to various factors, including incorrect sitting positions. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to sit properly during pregnancy.

Good Sitting Positions for Pregnant Women

When pregnancy advances or enters the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, you should start paying attention to your sitting position. A wrong sitting position can cause back pain. To avoid pain, you can try the following good sitting positions during pregnancy:

1. Sitting with Back Support on a Chair

One of the good sitting positions for third-trimester pregnant women is sitting with back support on a chair. Sitting with back support will keep the back straight, and the shoulders will be pulled backward. This is a comfortable position, especially when the belly is large.

To be more comfortable, ensure that your buttocks are close to the back of the chair. If the distance is too far, you can add a small cushion or back support for relaxation and comfort.

2. Sitting Cross-Legged on the Floor

Can pregnant women sit on the floor? Of course, they can. To be more comfortable, you can use a cushion and make sure to sit cross-legged.

You can also adopt a cross-legged sitting position with the soles of your feet touching. This sitting position is one of the most comfortable for pregnant women.

Sitting cross-legged is highly recommended, especially as the due date approaches. This position can help facilitate the birthing process.

3. Sitting with Knees Against the Wall

A good sitting position for second-trimester pregnant women is sitting with knees against the wall. You can do this while sitting on a chair without back support.

Placing your knees against the wall can make you more comfortable because you can’t lean back. For added comfort, you can position your sitting posture as if you are riding a horse.

Sitting Positions to Avoid for Pregnant Women

There are also sitting positions that pregnant women should avoid to prevent back pain, namely:

1. Sitting with Crossed Legs

The crossed legs mentioned here are when sitting on a chair. Crossing your legs can press on the stomach and may disrupt the urinary tract. It’s better to avoid this position and keep your legs straight.

2.Sitting with Hanging Feet

If the chair is too high, don’t let your feet hang, as it can make you uncomfortable. The solution is to use a small stool or another object to support your hanging feet.

3. Sitting in a Semi-Upright Position

The semi-upright position should also be avoided, as it can cause back pain and injury.

4. Avoid Sitting for Too Long

Avoid sitting for too long. Even if the position is good and correct, sitting for too long is not good for pregnant women. It’s advisable to alternate between sitting, standing, or walking around every 30 minutes.

Solutions to Increase Comfort for Pregnant Women

In addition to paying attention to sitting positions, you can also use specialized underwear to enhance comfort in all positions, such as the Belly Bandit Flawless Belly.

Belly Bandit Flawless Belly

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Moreover, wearing this underwear can also reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. Not only that, but it also provides an extra layer to protect the belly.

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Now, from the above description, you surely know the correct sitting positions during pregnancy. Choose the most comfortable position to sit. Don’t forget to use Belly Bandit Flawless Belly as the right solution to increase comfort during the pregnancy period.