Can stretch marks during pregnancy go away? here’s the answer!

Most pregnant women can develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are harmless, but these pink and purplish lines are thought to be distracting. Because stretch marks often appear on the skin area of ​​the abdomen, breasts, and thighs.

Then, can stretch marks disappear? The answer is no. Stretch marks that appear during or after pregnancy, can not be completely removed, but can be disguised so that your appearance is not disturbed.

Before knowing how to get rid of stretch marks, it’s a good idea to know the cause first.

Causes of stretch marks in pregnant women

Stretch marks occur when the skin is overstretched in a relatively short period of time. This is why stretch marks often appear in the belly area of ​​pregnant women, because as the size of the stomach increases, the skin stretches too.

In addition, the level of skin elasticity can also affect the appearance of stretch marks. A mother with a high level of skin elasticity, tends to have a low risk of developing stretch marks. On the other hand, dry skin conditions can increase the risk of developing stretch marks in pregnant women.

The appearance of stretch marks on each person can be different. Some of the factors that influence it are:

  • Skin color

In pregnant women who have bright skin color, stretch marks also look bright. Vice versa, stretch marks will look darker in pregnant women who have dark skin tones.

  • Family history

If you have a family member who has stretch marks, then you have the same risk of developing them.

  • Skin elasticity

The elasticity of the skin will affect how much stretch appears. You are prone to having a large number of stretch marks if you have a low level of skin elasticity.

How to disguise stretch marks with cream or lotion

Using a moisturizing cream or lotion is one practical way to get rid of stretch marks. Use the right cream or lotion for optimal results, especially those containing hyaluronic acid and tretinoin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the use of hyaluronic acid and tretinoin can stimulate collagen production so that it can disguise the appearance of stretch marks. Use the cream and massage gently on the stretch mark area every day for optimal results.

The use of creams or lotions rich in vitamin C is also highly recommended to disguise and prevent stretch marks. The reason is, vitamin C plays a role in keeping the skin elastic. One of the recommended creams to improve the appearance of stretch marks is the Beautiful Blooming Belly Stretch Mark Cream & Soothing Vit-C Belly Cream from Buds Organics.

The combination of these two creams helps prevent and disguise stretch marks that are often annoying. The reason is, Beautiful Blooming Belly Stretch Mark Cream functions to prevent and disguise stretch marks, moisturize the skin, and reduce itching in the stomach. While Soothing Vit-C Belly Cream is rich in vitamin C so it is useful for nourishing and stimulating collagen production in the skin. You can mix these two creams in a 1:1 ratio which is directly applied to the stretch mark area every day and as often as possible to get optimal results.

In addition to the content in it which is free from harmful chemicals, this series of Buds Organics products for pregnant and lactating mothers has also received Ecocert certification because it uses ingredients that are guaranteed to be safe and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Help optimize with special underwear

The use of special creams or lotions needs to be combined with special underwear. Stretch mark creams that have been applied to the body often stick to your clothes, so most creams don’t absorb into the skin. The cream that sticks to the clothes will be wasted and the results received will not be significant.

Currently, there are special underwear with modern technology that allows creams or lotions to absorb well into the skin, not sticking to the surface of the clothes. This technology called WonderWeave is found in Belly Shield from Belly Bandit.

Belly Shield helps stretch mark therapy to be more effective, because it maximizes the effect of the cream used. Belly Shield® ensures that the moisturizing cream stays in the stretch mark area (doesn’t transfer to clothes) so that the cream can be absorbed perfectly and optimally.

Basically, stretch marks cannot be completely removed. But you don’t need to worry, because stretch marks can be removed using vitamins, moisturizing creams, to special stomach protectors. You only need to choose the right cream and clothes to accompany the stretch mark disguise process to be more effective and efficient.

Source: SehatQ