Causes as well as how to overcome Thigh Chafing

Experiencing groin chafing (thigh chafing) does make it uncomfortable. Ranging from pain to difficulty walking or running are the most common complaints. What is the cause and what is the solution to overcome it? Check out the full review here.

What is Thigh Chafing?

Thigh Chafing is a condition when the inner thighs or groin area rub against each other while walking or running. Friction that occurs continuously will damage the outer layer of the skin, which causes the skin to become more sensitive and inflamed.

If this pain is not treated immediately, it will cause a much more severe condition. Anyone can experience thigh chafing, from men to women. Generally, blisters in the groin occur when women are pregnant, because weight gain and an increasingly enlarged stomach can be the cause.

Causes of Thigh Chafing

The main factor causing thigh chafing is humidity. High humidity levels can cause:

  • Fungal infection, the groin area is a place that is quite damp and warm. No wonder the fungus “happy” to breed in that section. This condition causes fungi to infect the skin
  • Sweating after activity or exercise
  • Wearing leggings or clothes that are too tight
  • Wear clothes that do not absorb sweat
  • Contact dermatitis, a condition that causes a rash or itching due to certain substances.

Symptoms of Thigh Chafing

What are the symptoms of thigh chafing?

You should be vigilant and immediately consult a specialist if you experience the following conditions, such as:

  • The skin around the groin is reddish
  • There are boils or blisters on the skin
  • You will feel a burning sensation
  • Painfull  

In some cases, thigh chafing is characterized by brown spots on the groin and sometimes itching.

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

To prevent thigh chafing, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • If you feel itchy in the area, don’t scratch it.
  • Make sure the area around the groin is always dry.
  • Gunakan celana dalam yang berbahan katun, tidak terlalu ketat, dan ganti sesering mungkin agar tidak lembab. 

It’s best to avoid using feminine area cleaners to clean your intimate organs. just wash it off with water.

How to Overcome Thigh Chafing

After knowing the causes as well as how to prevent it, now pay attention to some tips for dealing with chafed groin, including:

  • Using Baby Powder. The first way to deal with thigh chafing is to use baby powder. Baby powder has the ability to absorb moisture from the skin. Excess moisture can make blisters worse. You can sprinkle baby powder on the areas that are chafed & itchy in your groin.
  • Lip balm. Lip balm is not only able to nourish the lips, but is also useful for preventing chafing in the inner thigh area. The slippery texture of lip balm can be a barrier to friction.
  • Thigh band. Thigh band are small, elastic pads. For those of you who prefer to wear tight skirts or shorts, use a thigh band to minimize friction between your thighs.
  • Petroleum Jelly. Like baby powder, you can also use petroleum to treat chafed groin. You can apply petroleum jelly to the inner thighs or groin. For maximum results, use it several times a day.
  • Lotion. You can minimize sore groin sores by applying a special lotion. This lotion has a stick applicator that is easy for you to use. Usually the composition contains a lubricant that can prevent chafing groin.

Apart from the methods above, you can also use special shorts to prevent thigh chafing, such as Thighs Disguise from Belly Bandit. Belly bandit thighs disguise are special shorts that can prevent thigh chafing, as well as lifting the stomach & smoothing the thighs.

Belly bandit thighs disguise made from wonderweave can keep the lotion or cream you use from sticking to your clothes. In addition, these pants are very effective in preventing friction on the thighs. What’s more, you can use these corset pants as a substitute for underwear. The material is also comfortable and can adjust the shape of your stomach. Well, now you know the causes, symptoms, and how to deal with it. Do the tips on how to deal with thigh chafing above on a regular basis to get rid of it. If the blisters on your groin don’t heal, consult a doctor immediately.