Effective way to tighten a sagging stomach after giving birth

“How to tighten your stomach after giving birth?”

This question often becomes a dilemma in the minds of mothers. Even though you are happy about the birth of your baby, a sagging stomach and bloating can reduce your level of self-confidence, so you need the best solution to tighten your stomach after giving birth.

If you have similar questions, read this article until the end to find out information about how to tighten your stomach after giving birth.

Causes of a Sagging and Drooping Stomach

If your stomach shows signs of sagging after delivery, know that this is normal. This can happen to mothers who give birth either vaginally or caesarean.

As you know, the fetus needs space to grow. Therefore, the body will naturally accommodate this growth by stretching the abdominal muscles and surrounding tissue, thereby creating space for the growing fetus.

Apart from that, you are also likely to gain weight to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. When a baby is born, the weight that has previously increased does not immediately disappear. This is also one of the reasons for increasing stomach size.

So, how long does it take for your stomach to return to flatness after giving birth? In general, the stomach will shrink again within a year. However, this time can vary for each person.

Several factors that determine changes in stomach size after giving birth are;

  • Postnatal physical activity levels
  • Rate of weight gain during pregnancy
  • Level of physical activity after childbirth
  • Hereditary factors

How to Tighten a Sagging Stomach and Wavy After Giving Birth

The following things can be a guide on how to tighten a sagging and flabby stomach after giving birth, namely:

1. Don’t reduce, but regulate food intake

When dieting, many people reduce food portions. However, when breastfeeding, this is certainly not possible. However, the child’s health is the main priority.

In this situation, you don’t need to reduce food, but regulate it. Increase your consumption of probiotic foods, such as yogurt, tempeh, or kimchi, as well as prebiotics such as fruit and vegetables. Apart from that, add a portion of protein such as meat, eggs and nuts to develop muscles and tighten the stomach after giving birth.

2. Make an effort to breastfeed

Did you know that breastfeeding can help burn calories in the body?

In fact, breastfeeding can help reduce calories by 300-500 kcal a day. Practically, this could be the easiest solution to reduce fat so you can tighten your stomach after giving birth.

Apart from that, breastfeeding also helps the process of reducing the size of the uterus to its original size. So, this can also help tighten the stomach to make it smaller.

3. Consistently exercise

Not a few mothers feel tired from their busy lives after giving birth. However, if you want your stomach bloating to disappear, try to exercise consistently.

To ensure your body is fit, try to exercise after six weeks after birth, and make sure to consult a doctor first.

Exercises to tighten your stomach after giving birth that you can try are light cardio, such as yoga or walking. If you are stronger, you can continue with strength training to build and increase muscle mass.

4. Increase your water consumption

During pregnancy, the skin will stretch along with the abdominal muscles to make room for the fetus. After giving birth, the skin will not immediately be as firm as before. This has a wavy effect on the stomach.

To tighten a sagging stomach and bloat, try to increase your consumption of water. That way, the skin will become more moisturized and can slowly become firm again.

5. Using a stomach splint

Another way to tighten the stomach after giving birth is to use a stomach bandage, usually called a corset, stagen, or bengkung. This tool functions to maintain a slim body shape and increase self-confidence.

How many hours a day do you wear a corset after giving birth? In general, corsets can be worn 8 hours a day. Please remember to avoid using it while sleeping, and avoid using it when you have not recovered from treatment after delivery.

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So, do you know the causes and the right way to tighten your stomach after giving birth? Come on, follow the tips, and don’t forget, use the Belly Bandit B.FF Belly Wrap to get optimal results.