How to improve water quality at home easily

“If you live in Indonesia, knowing how to improve the water quality at home is very important for you. Why?”

Water is the source of life. Every day you certainly need water for various activities, such as cooking, drinking, washing, and bathing. Therefore, you need clean water so that your health is maintained every day.

However, how is the condition of water in Indonesia? Is it worth using? If not, how do you get water that is suitable for use and of good quality at home? Is it possible in a simple and easy way? Find all the answers below!

Facts about water quality in Indonesia

“The condition of water in Indonesia is still very concerning. To keep the water at home clean and usable, you need to filter it before using it.”

The average need for water per person per day is 144 liters. This need includes bathing, drinking, cooking, and other needs.

The question is, is Indonesia able to meet the daily needs of clean water for its citizens? Based on Susenas or the National Socioeconomic Survey from BPS, 26.35% of Indonesian households do not have access to clean drinking water.

In addition to difficult access to clean water, there are several other facts about water quality in Indonesia, namely:

1. Thousands of Indonesian River Water is Polluted

Data from the latest BPS, there are around 10,683 rivers in Indonesia polluted by industrial and household waste. While data from WWF, 82% of river water in Indonesia is polluted.

Even though Indonesia’s Water Quality Index in 2022 has increased by 2.01%, the fact that so much river water is polluted makes the condition of Indonesia’s waters still very concerning.

2. Ancaman Kekeringan Melanda Setiap Tahun

Tidak hanya sungai yang tercemar, Indonesia juga terancam mengalami kekeringan setiap tahunnya. Berdasarkan kajian dari Bappenas, kelangkaan air di Pulau Bali, Nusa Tenggara, dan Bali akan meluas menjadi 9,6% di tahun 2024. Hal ini disebabkan oleh perubahan iklim dunia.

If this happens, of course Indonesia will experience a clean water crisis. Long dry spells can hit most areas in Indonesia.

3. Prone to Flood

Indonesia is also one of the countries prone to flooding. This is due to the lack of rainwater infiltration. Rivers full of garbage are also a factor in flooding.

The Impact of Poor Water Quality on Health

The body needs at least 230 ml of water or 20% of body weight. Of course the water consumed must be clean and healthy water. The benefits of water for health are to maintain metabolism in the body. The human body is composed of 90% water. So it is very important to maintain water intake in the body.

What if you consume water with poor quality every day? Of course it will be bad for the health of the body. The body is susceptible to disease due to consuming dirty water, such as diarrhea, polio, eye infections (trachoma), cholera, and heavy metal poisoning.

Ouch, it’s really scary!! If so, you must immediately know how to improve the water quality at home!

How To Improve Water Quality At Home

There are several ways you can do to improve the quality of water at home, namely:

1. Give Distance Between Water Source and Septic Tank

The first way is to provide a distance between the water source and the septic tank. At least you have to leave a distance of about 10 meters between the well and the septic tank. This needs to be done so that dirt does not seep into the water source you are using.

2. Not Throwing Garbage into the River

Another way to improve water quality is not to throw garbage into the river. The river is an important source of water for the community. The amount of garbage in the river can make the water source polluted.

Polluted water sources can be bad for health. Therefore, make sure you dispose of trash in its place.

3. Use Filters on the Home Faucet

The easiest and instant way to improve water quality at home is to use a filter head in your home faucet or shower. Filters are able to filter out dirt and bacteria in your water, so that the water produced is clear and free from germs and dirt.

However, not all filters are effective at filtering out pollutants! It could be because the filter size is still above 5 microns or the filter quality is low. Then how about it? Eiitss, don’t panic just yet, Multi-Filtered Shower Head from Daily Cha-E can be the solution to turning your bath water clear and free of bacteria and dirt.

Daily Cha-E Multi-Filtered Shower Head is a shower head that has a double filter (2 stages of filtering), namely the Sediment Filter and the ACF Filter. The Sediment Filter is very effective in thoroughly filtering sand, mud, dust, rust, and is able to remove the smell of rust from water. Meanwhile, the ACF Filter will filter bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and chemicals that are harmful to health, especially your skin.

How come the filtering process is that good? Of course, because this shower head filter is capable of filtering up to 5 microns in size and has high quality (Originally Korea). This shower head is perfect for everyday use, especially if your house is close to toll road construction (the water is prone to heavy metal contamination) or close to polluted water sources.

For the sake of stopping exposure to polluted water for your family. The easiest and fastest way is to use a shower head that has a quality filter.