How to treat wounds in children without red medicine

Red medicine is often used to treat wounds. However, red medicine can irritate the skin. Use anti-wound creams made from natural ingredients to speed healing.

Ages 1 to 5 years are the time when your baby is actively playing and trying new things. Starting from running, swimming, to learning to ride a bicycle is a fun activity for them. But there are times when they fall and get injured.

Generally, parents will use red medicine to treat this type of wound. But did you know that there is a way to treat wounds in children without red medicine?

How to treat wounds in children without red medicine

Red medicine is the general term Indonesian people use for antiseptic liquids that are reddish or dark brown in color. This liquid serves to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can cause infection. If used continuously on the same wound site, red medicine can cause irritation to the skin due to the chemicals present in it. There is another way that you can use to treat wounds in children without red medicine, namely by using anti-wound creams. Anti-wound creams play a role in keeping the skin moist in the area around the wound. This technique stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, thereby making wounds heal faster. Anti-wound cream also contains organic plants and prebiotics so it does not cause skin irritation due to chemicals so it is safe to use for children and babies. One type of wound cream that you can use is Buds Save Our Skin Lotion.

Treating wounds in children with organic treatments

Buds Organics Save Our Skin

How to treat wounds in children with organic treatments consisting of anti-wound creams and also antiseptic foam. Both are made from organic ingredients.

The way to use it is very easy. After cleaning the wound with water, apply Buds Organics foam sanitiser or antiseptic foam around the wound.

Unlike other antiseptics, Buds Organics’ antiseptic foam does not cause pain because it contains salicylic acid. Suitable for treating bleeding knees or elbow abrasions that often feel sore.

The aloe vera content in Buds Organics antiseptic foam helps moisturize the skin and also stimulates fibroblast cells to close the wound. This antiseptic foam is effective in killing germs, viruses, and fungi that can cause infection.

After applying antiseptic, apply Buds Organics Save Our Skin Lotion to speed up wound healing. This lotion is effective for various types of wounds, such as bleeding knee wounds, burns, bruising to wounds caused by insect bites.

Products from Buds Organics have been clinically proven safe to use for children. Both have also received an organic certificate from Ecocert because they are free from chemicals that are harmful to children and mothers. Equally important, Buds Organics antiseptic foam and Save Our Skin lotion are safe to use for sensitive skin types and other skin types.

Provide the best wound care at home

At this age, children love to explore the world. Therefore the possibility of him getting injured will be more frequent. As a parent, there’s nothing wrong with preparing first aid kits such as Buds Organics Save Our Skin and Buds Organics Foam Antiseptic. With both, you no longer have to worry about letting your little one explore the world around him. And when he’s injured, treat him right away with products from Buds Organics. Let’s live Organically!

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