Do not carelessly choose baby products! here are the tips!

Being a mother in modern times like today is indeed not easy. Apart from being busy taking care of your little one, you also have to be smart in dividing your time with work and household matters. As a result, in order to maintain this balance, opportunities to take care of yourself are often missed.

Seeing this condition, Buds Organics and Ivenet held a product launching with the theme “Urban Parenting” on Monday, September 30 at a hotel in Jakarta. Through the concept of “Urban Lifestyle & Modern Chic”, Buds Organics and Ivenet want to show an image that mothers who already have children can appear in a style that is still fashionable and follows current trends.

Mums don’t need to be bothered by preparing your little one’s equipment

In this product launch, Buds Organics, a product brand for skin health, officially launched all of its product categories. Present in Indonesia for approximately 5 years, Buds Organis launched its products that exceed 65 SKUs.

Along with Buds Organics, Ivenet also did the first product launching in Indonesia. Ivenet itself is a snack brand as well as complementary foods for babies and children with a variety of flavor choices.

With the launch of these products for babies from Buds Organics and Ivenet, of course, you don’t have to worry about finding options for baby and toddler needs. So, your little one is happy, you also still have plenty of time to take care of yourself.

Choosing the Right Baby Products

Choosing the right baby products can be said to be difficult and easy, Mums. The condition of your little one’s body, which is still vulnerable to various health problems, is the main factor, you must be really careful in choosing it. So, so that you don’t get confused anymore, here are some tips for choosing the right baby products.

1. Pay attention to product quality

Baby products usually include care products such as soap or shampoo, clothing products, toys, to food. To ensure that it is safe for use or consumption by your little one, you must check properly whether the product has passed the quality standards set by the health institution. Babies will be in direct contact with all these products, so quality is the main thing to pay attention to.

2. Ensure the safety

Companies that sell baby products must carry out safety assessments to ensure high standards. Parents should read the information provided on the product to understand how far the product has been tested.

3. For skin care products, make sure you check the pH level

Baby’s skin is still very sensitive, so you have to really pay attention to the content and pH level of the skin care products you want to use. To ensure that these skin care products are safe for use by babies, products will usually include a marker in the form of ‘balanced pH’ or ‘neutral pH’.

4. Avoid items made of plastic

Many toys and utensils are made of plastic. Please note that plastic is made of several harmful chemicals and can have a negative impact on the health of the baby, especially when these items are in direct contact with the little one’s body.

To avoid the occurrence of health problems in your little one, make sure you choose the type of product that is not made from plastic. Or if you really want to use plastic, choose a product that does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A).

5. Choose a type of soft material such as cotton

When switching to your little one’s clothes, make sure you choose clothes with soft materials such as cotton. In addition to not causing irritation, cotton material also makes your little one feel more comfortable because it is not hot.

6. Choose the type of organic product

A baby’s body is in a developmental stage so it is very important to protect his skin from exposure to harmful chemicals. For that, choose the type of organic product made from natural ingredients so that it is safe for the skin. This selection of organic products also applies to your little one’s food products. Foods or snacks made from organic are certainly very safe for consumption by him.

7. Choose products that contain lots of nutrients to support its development

In addition to organic, choosing food or snack products for your little one should also be able to offer a number of nutrients. This is because these important nutrients are needed to support the development of the little one.

Your little one’s health and smile are certainly a priority for Mums. So, to ensure that he gets all the best, do some tips for choosing the right baby products as above, Mums! (BAG)

Source: Teman Bumil