Know the benefits and how to properly massage babies

Whether for relaxation or dealing with a child’s flatulence, massaging a baby brings many benefits to your little one. However, don’t just massage it, Moms! make sure the technique is correct.

Newborn baby massage is one of the things that is quite trendy nowadays, because it is believed that it can bring many benefits to your little one. Actually, what are the benefits of massaging babies? And how to do it right? Check out the following explanation, Moms.

What Are the Benefits of Baby Massaging?

Doing baby massage will help Mommy to strengthen the emotional bond between Moms and your little one (bonding), considering that touch is a language that not only adults understand but your little one can also feel it. Therefore, massaging your little one will make him comfortable and closer to Mommy.

Regular baby massage also helps the development of the little one’s nervous system and brain. In addition, massage is also able to reduce stress hormones and increase dopamine hormones which make your little one happy.

Often babies who have just been massaged can sleep more soundly. This can also be a way to relieve flatulence and colic in your little one. Apart from these things, here are various other benefits of the importance of massaging your little one:

  • The baby becomes more relaxed and comfortable.
  • When the baby’s teeth comes out, massage can reduce pain.
  • Blood circulation is much smoother after a massage with the right technique.
  • Smoothening digestion, especially babies who are often bloated.
  • Strengthens and overcomes tense muscles in babies.
  • Increase bone density
  • Good for the mental and physical development of the baby for the future.

How to massage a baby properly?

As we know, the baby’s body is still very soft and weak. Therefore, the method and technique of massaging must also be adapted to the condition of the body. For more details, pay attention to the following things before starting a massage session for your little one.

  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Prepare a warm room, around 24˚C.
  • Make sure you have prepared equipment, such as special massage oil for babies, clean clothes, baby mats, and clean towels
  • Start massaging the legs, because this part is less sensitive than other parts, so it is suitable for starting massage.
  • After that, continue to the arm from the top to the wrist and then to the fingers.
  • Gently massage the chest using your palms.
  • Then, continue by massaging the baby’s back in a prone position. This section can be started from the spinal area to the buttocks – using the fingertips.
  • When finished, immediately put diapers and clothes on your little one. Don’t forget to hug him after the massage is over.

Things to Look For When Massaging Babies

Even though it sounds trivial, Mommy should pay attention to the time when massaging the baby. Moms should massage your little one when the baby is awake and not full.

It would be better if Mommy made this massage session a routine before going to bed. In addition to relaxation, massage before going to bed can make your little one sleep more soundly. But before doing a massage, consult with your doctor first. Especially if your little one has certain health conditions.

Also pay attention to the response of your little one when Moms massage it. Usually the baby will shake his arm if he likes a massage. However, if your little one cries and looks restless, Moms should not continue the massage session.

Use Baby Massage Oil

Massage, more than anything else, soothes and nourishes babies’ bodies – just like adults in general. Using the right oil will help optimize the benefits of massaging your little one.

Apart from baby oil, you have to prepare the right oil to massage your little one. Coconut, almond, and petroleum jelly are some types of oil that are safe for massaging. Apart from that, special baby oil is also useful for protecting the softness of the skin and moisturizing it throughout the day. But what massage oil is good and safe for babies?

Don’t be confused Moms, Mommy can use Baby & Infant Massage Oil from Buds Organics. This massage oil is made from organic ingredients and is suitable for your little one’s soft skin. Besides being useful for massaging, this oil from Buds Organics helps maintain health, protects the skin layer, and nourishes your little one’s skin.

This massage oil is processed without artificial fragrances and preservatives and is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals. Buds Organics Massage Oil has also been tested and has been certified by Ecocert so it is guaranteed to be safe for your little one’s skin – even for newborn babies.

Well, of course Moms already know how to massage the baby properly. Don’t forget to apply the method and use the right massage oil every time Mommy wants to massage it, so that the results are optimal.