Why is organic skin care important for your little one’s skin?

Taking care of baby’s skin is one thing that you as a parent should not miss. Therefore, the selection of the right care products must also be on the to-do-list. Organic products can be an option for every baby’s skin care.

If previously you were confused about choosing products for your little one from various brands, now is the time to switch to Buds Organics which has a line of top-to-toe organic care products. Starting from shampoo as well as soap, body lotion, and diaper rash cream, all of them are made from ingredients that are safe for baby’s skin. Are you ready to try it?

Organic products for baby’s top-to-toe care

Buds Organics products contain a minimum of 95% organic plants and are certified organic from Ecocert! In addition, Buds Organics does not use harmful chemicals. This is because harmful chemicals can pose a risk to the health of the mother and baby. With organic ingredients that are safe for baby’s skin, these are the advantages of Buds Organics:

  • Contains a minimum of 95% organic ingredients
  • Capable of nourishing and moisturizing the skin
  • Prevent allergies and skin irritation
  • Free of artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals
  • No artificial preservatives

Buds Organics is safe for all skin types and can be used by all ages, because the ingredients used are of really high quality and have been clinically tested. The following are recommendations for organic products from Buds Organics.

1. Precious Newborn HTTC

Precious Newborn Head-to-Toe Cleanser

Buds Organics Precious Newborn Head-to-Toe Cleanser (HTTC) functions as a soap and shampoo for your little one and is safe for normal and dry skin for babies aged 0-6 months. In addition to cleaning the skin without causing irritation, this organic product is able to maintain moisture while nourishing baby’s skin. To use it, simply add Precious Newborn Head-to-Toe Cleanser to a tub of warm water and mix well. Next, dip a washcloth or other clean cloth into it and gently wipe it on the baby, from head to toe. You don’t need to wait to come home from the hospital after giving birth to use this product for your little one. Carry the Precious Newborn Head-to-Toe Cleanser in your pre-delivery kit and ask the nurse to use it for your baby’s first bath.

2. Precious Newborn Cream

Precious Newborn Cream

Another care product with organic ingredients for baby’s skin from Buds Organics is Precious Newborn Cream. This is a cream to thoroughly nourish baby’s skin. To use it, pour an adequate amount of cream into the palm of your hand and rub it on the baby’s body every day. Take advantage of this moment to communicate with your little one. For example, with small games such as naming body parts, and gently massaging the fingers and toes, to stimulate the little one’s fine motor awareness.

3. Baby Bum Balm

Baby Bum Balm

Delicate skin is prone to diaper rash. To anticipate this, always provide Baby Bum Balm products from Buds Organics. This product is a cream to relieve mild rashes, while protecting baby’s bottom skin from substances or activities that cause diaper rash. Suitable for all ages and all skin types, you can use Baby Bum Balm in the following ways:

  • Take the Baby Bum Balm adequately
  • Rub it into your palms for a softer texture.
  • Apply to the skin of the baby’s bottom, especially in the folds and around the diaper.
  • Use at least four times a day before you put your baby’s diaper on.

If you want to try all three in a small size, there is a starter kit called the Cherished Starter Kit from Buds Organics available.

Avoid these harmful chemicals for baby skin care products

Avoiding toxic chemicals is something you have to do to protect your little one, who is still vulnerable to the dangers. In addition to a very young age, the immune system, nervous, endocrine, and overall systems in the body are still developing. According to a study, even a small amount of exposure to toxic chemicals poses a risk of serious health problems in children. The following are chemicals you should avoid in skin care products for children.

1. Phthalates

The content of these phthalates can be found in care products with fragrances. Therefore, you should choose cleaning products or personal care for children without fragrance. In addition, as much as possible avoid product containers or food packaging made of plastic. Also use a pacifier made of silicone with hospital standards.

2. High risk pesticides

High-risk pesticides are at risk of being found in a number of anti-mosquito products, cleaning fluids aka disinfectants, and hand washing soap. To avoid this, buy organic products, including organic foods that are processed from sources that are minimal in pesticides. Another important step is to replace disinfectants and hand soap using ordinary cleaning fluids and ordinary soap. After knowing these harmful ingredients, you can now avoid them even more and choose organic products for your little one, including for skin care.

Source: Sehatq