Moms, avoid these 3 things when choosing baby wet wipes!

Many parents, especially those with babies, rely on wet wipes to clean their little ones’ bodies or surfaces they touch. Even so, make sure Mommy uses safe baby wipes, to avoid the dangerous substances contained in them.

What are the dangerous substances in wet wipes and what are their impacts? What are the things to avoid when choosing baby wet wipes? Check out the following review.

4 Dangerous Ingredients in Wet Wipes

Even though they are practical, there are several ingredients in baby wet wipes that actually have negative impacts. Beware if the wet wipes used contain the following ingredients;

1. Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol is a substance that functions to suppress the growth of bacteria on wet wipes. Therefore, the aim of using this substance initially was to provide an anti-bacterial effect.

However, over time, phenoxyethanol has increasingly been linked to various health problems. Some examples are allergic reactions, skin and eye irritation, and inflammation. In fact, if swallowed, Phenoxyethanol has the potential to cause vomiting and diarrhea in your little one.

2. Parabens

Parabens are well known as one of the dangerous substances that are often found in care and beauty products. Therefore, its use is currently limited, even eliminated, especially in baby wet tissue products.

Parabens function as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substances. Unfortunately, the use of parabens is also linked to cancer, hormonal disorders and skin irritation.

3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is a foam-producing substance that is often found in soap or shampoo, but is also often used for wet wipes. Even though SLS is no longer popular, Mommy still needs to be careful in choosing wet wipes.

Using SLS in baby wet wipes has the potential to erode the natural protective layer on the skin, making your little one easily irritated. Not only that, SLS also has the potential to trigger allergic reactions, poisoning, and even cancer.

4. Perfume

Baby wet wipes that smell good attract more attention than wipes that don’t have any scent. In fact, non-perfumed wet wipes are actually more useful for your little one.

The reason is, in several studies it has been stated that perfume ingredients are one of the triggers for allergies in babies. Apart from that, perfume can also cause asthma, disrupt hormones, and act as a carcinogen which is a precursor to cancer.

Impact of Using Baby Wet Wipes that Contain Hazardous Ingredients

Impact of Using Baby Wet Wipes that Contain Hazardous Ingredients

  • Baby’s skin becomes dry, even scaly
  • The appearance of a red rash, especially in sensitive areas such as the genitals or buttocks.
  • The baby shows signs of itching
  • There is thickening of the skin
  • The skin under the eyes becomes dull and black

3 Things to Avoid When Using Wet Wipes for Babies

Now that you know what dangers can arise from dangerous substances, how do you use wet wipes properly? Avoid the following things;

1. Not checking the tissue material

On the market there are many brands of baby wet wipes with tempting promotions. However, make sure Mommy is not easily taken in by promotions and always check the contents of the wet wipes carefully before buying.

2. Keep using wet wipes that cause reactions

It is best to immediately replace the brand of wet wipes with another if the baby ever shows an allergic reaction. In fact, if necessary, Mommy can look for testimonials on the internet or from people closest to her first.

3. Use the same wet wipes for various points on the baby’s body

Try to use new tissues to clean different body points. For example, new Mommy uses wet wipes to change baby’s diapers and clean the genital area. So, to clean your hands or neck, use new wet wipes.

To always keep your little one clean, choose wet wipes that are safe for baby’s skin and do not cause allergic reactions, such as Mother-K & K-Mom First Wet Wipes.

Mother-K & K-Mom First Wet Wipes

This Korean brand prioritizes the use of safe and non-alcoholic ingredients. There are no dangerous chemicals, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and perfume in wet wipes in general. Apart from that, the Macadamia Oil content also keeps baby’s skin moist. This baby wet tissue product has also been certified “EXCELLENT” by German DermaTest so it is suitable for use for newborns and all ages.

Choosing wet wipes is no longer difficult, Moms. For your beloved children, avoid trying to use wet wipes carelessly. Make sure to use wet wipes that are safe for babies, such as Mother-K & K-Mom First Wet Wipes.