Mums, let’s get to know with Korean rice and its various benefits for your kids

Rice is one of the staple foods for a number of people in the world. Well, apparently not only Indonesia, you know, which has a special type of rice. Several other countries also have special types of rice, one of which is Korea.

When compared to rice in Indonesia in general, Korean rice does have a different texture. Even so, this does not reduce the health benefits, you know. On the other hand, there are various benefits of consuming Korean rice, including for your little one. For more details, let’s get to know more about this Korean rice and its benefits for children’s health!

Nutrition and Benefits of Korean Rice for Children

After cooking, Korean rice has a more sticky texture than other types of rice. The texture can be said to be more like glutinous rice. This is why, most Koreans can use chopsticks when they eat rice in their home country.

Apart from the different textures, Korean rice also has a number of nutrients and benefits that are no less healthy, especially for children. In 1 cup or about 200 grams of Korean rice contains about 169 calories or about 8% of the recommended daily calorie intake. Although the calories contained in it are few, Korean rice can still produce enough energy for the little one’s body. So, he can move with enthusiasm for the whole day.

Korean rice also contains natural fiber, vitamin B1, and minerals that are higher than other types of rice. This high natural fiber content can help maintain your little one’s digestive health and reduce the chances of heart disease later in life.

In addition, the fiber content can also provide a feeling of fullness for longer, so your little one is not easily hungry while reducing the risk of obesity. Meanwhile, the high content of B vitamins and minerals can help increase the strength of the immune system, reduce inflammation, and maintain the body’s metabolic system. Korean rice is also rich in antioxidants, protein, and calcium which can help the growth of children’s bones and teeth.

No need to bother, introduce your little one to the benefits of Korean rice through Ivenet Korean Traditional Cookie

Wow, it turns out that there are many benefits of Korean rice for your little one, Mums! However, you may still be wondering, how do you introduce this staple food to your little one. Well, even though the name is rice, it doesn’t mean you can’t serve it in other forms.

Ivenet Korean Traditional Cookie - GueSehat

Ivenet, a food brand for babies and children from Korea, processes rice from its home country into a snack that children will surely love, namely Ivenet Korean Traditional Cookie.

Ivenet Korean Traditional Cookies are baked, not fried, so they are safe for your little one. This snack is also made with the right size for your little one’s hands and mouth, so he can hold it himself easily while training his motor system.

With two variants of soft flavors, namely pumpkin and sweet potato, your little one will certainly love it. Please note, Ivenet Korean Traditional Cookie is made with natural pumpkin and sweet potato ingredients. In addition, you don’t need to worry because this snack does not use MSG, added flavorings, preservatives, and coloring. So, it’s definitely safe for your kids!

The crunchy and soft texture also makes Ivenet Traditional Cookie very suitable as an everyday snack for your little one. Products from Ivenet have obtained HACCP and ISO 9001 certificates, which means that the ingredients in them are guaranteed to be safe for consumption by children and families. (AS)

Source: Teman Bumil