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Common Problems in Babies

1. Colic

Crying is a way for babies to communicate with those around them. But if your little one suddenly cries loudly for no reason, it could be colic. In fact, this problem bothers 1 in 5 babies.

Colic can interfere with the comfort of the Little and Mums. The reason is, this period can last for hours and sometimes occurs at night. Doctors usually diagnose your little one with colic based on 3 things, namely:

  • Babies cry at least 3 hours a day.
  • This period lasts at least 3 days a week.
  • This period lasts for at least 3 consecutive weeks.

Although it is not known for certain, experts provide several theories on the causes of colic in infants, including an immature digestive system and stomach acid, also known as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

Meanwhile, GERD in infants is usually caused by an underdeveloped esophageal sphincter. This muscle functions to keep stomach acid from flowing into the throat and mouth. The good news, GERD in infants will usually go away by itself at the age of 1 year.

2. Bloating

This problem also occurs due to the baby’s immature digestive system and he sucks in too much air while feeding. In addition, bloating can also occur due to your diet pattern because your baby is sensitive to certain foods or drinks. Bloating occurs early in the baby’s birth, but usually subsides and even subsides by 4-6 months of age.

3. Cough

Cold Coughing a cold or flu is often annoying, especially during cold weather. Children under the age of 5 are at higher risk for this problem. Although not a serious problem, colds can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia. That’s why you should immediately take your little one to the doctor if your little one is under 2-3 months old, especially if you have a high fever.

The Best Organic Care for Your Little One with Calming Rub Cream

If your little one has health problems, consult a pediatrician to get the right diagnosis and treatment. During the recovery period, focus on making your little one always feel comfortable at home and recover quickly. Make sure your little one gets plenty of rest and keeps the house atmosphere calm. Do not forget to meet the intake of fluids and nutrients.

You can also apply Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream and massage your little one’s body, especially if he has bloating and colic. Give a gentle massage on the abdomen, shoulders, back, and legs regularly. The content of peppermint and ginger extract in it will help relieve colic, bloating, improve blood circulation, and relieve coughs.

Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream

Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream In addition to relieving bloating, colic, and flu, Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream also functions as a substitute for telon oil, which is efficacious to warm your little one’s body. So, he also feels comfortable and relaxed when the weather is cold or before bedtime.

Carrying organic certification from Ecocert (from France), Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream has been clinically tested, so it is safe to use from newborns to adults. This product is suitable for all skin types and will not cause irritation because it is free of artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Other benefits that are no less important, Buds Organics Calming Rub Cream consists of sunflower seeds, which are able to maintain skin moisture and are rich in vitamin E, lavender which is useful for killing bacteria and maintaining healthy skin, and shea butter as a natural skin moisturizer and antibacterial.
So it not only helps the little one’s recovery process, it also nourishes the skin. Hope your little one gets well soon, Mums! (AS)

Source: Teman Bumil