Organic skincare for children: meaning, benefits, and advantages

“Using organic skincare is more recommended for children. The ingredients in it are definitely natural without harmful chemicals, from planting, picking, to packaging.”

Children’s organic skincare is the right choice for daily skin care for children. The organic ingredients in this type of skincare are definitely safe for children’s skin, especially sensitive ones.

According to the journal Skincare for your baby, choosing skincare for children is one of the most important parts of being a parent. Mommy must choose the best skincare to maintain the health of the child’s skin.

One of the best types of skincare is organic skincare. But what is organic skincare? and what are the benefits? Check out the complete information only here.

What Is Organic Skincare?

Good and safe skincare for children is skincare that is able to hydrate and protect the skin, without causing itching, dryness, and irritation. Based on research from the Archives of Dermatological Research, baby skin has a thinner outer layer than adults.

The outer layer of skin or stratum corneum is the main outer layer of skin. This part of the layer protects the skin from exposure to foreign objects in the environment. Therefore, it is very important to take care of this outer layer of skin by using skincare.

In choosing skincare for children, especially babies, Moms must be more careful and observant. Make sure the ingredients or skincare ingredients that Mommy chooses must be safe for your little one’s skin.

The best ingredients to protect children’s skin are organic ingredients. Skincare with organic ingredients does not contain harmful chemicals. Because all the ingredients are definitely natural.

According to dr. Fajar Waskita, organic skincare is skincare that is truly made from natural ingredients. Starting from picking, manufacturing, and packaging, everything is done organically.

Benefits of Using Organic Skincare for Children

Using organic skincare for children has several benefits, especially for the healthy skin of children who are still sensitive. The following is an explanation.

1. Keeping Children’s Skin Moist

Children’s skin, especially babies, is more dry and prone to irritation and other skin problems. Therefore, Moms need to maintain moisture. Organic skincare for babies can help maintain and protect the outer layer of the baby’s skin, so that the skin remains moist and healthy.

2. Reducing the Risk of Skin Irritation

With skin that is always moist, the skin will also avoid the risk of irritation. Baby’s skin, which tends to be thin, makes it more susceptible to skin irritation problems. Using organic skincare can help reduce this risk.

3. Protects the skin from bacteria

Did you know that baby skin, which is new skin, more easily absorbs various substances around it, including bacteria. Baby’s skin is also not fully developed so it is more susceptible to bacteria

By using skincare made from organic ingredients, it can help protect the outer layer of your little one’s skin from bacterial infections.

Advantages of Organic Skincare

If the requirements are to keep the skin awake and healthy, why should you use organic skincare? Because organic skincare has many advantages compared to other types of skincare, such as:

  • Safer. Skincare with organic ingredients is safer for children’s skin, especially baby’s skin which is still sensitive. Because organic ingredients do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Protects and nourishes the skin. Not only protecting the skin, organic ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil and others can also help nourish baby’s skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types. Organic ingredients are definitely suitable for all skin types. The natural ingredients in this skincare will not cause irritation to the skin, instead it can prevent irritation, dryness, and itching.

Daily Routine Skincare for Children

As parents, Moms are obliged to give their best to maintain the health of their little one, especially their skin, especially since their little one is still a baby or toddler. The way to protect and maintain his health can be by providing nutritious food and drinks, as well as providing and routinely giving organic skincare to him every day.

The following is a series of children’s skincare that you must prepare:

1. Baby Oil Before Bathing

First, provide and use organic baby oil before the child takes a bath. Massage all over his body so that your little one becomes relaxed and comfortable.

2. Soap and Shampoo

Use organic soaps and shampoos on children. Besides being able to help clean her skin and hair, organic soaps and shampoos are guaranteed safe and can help smooth and provide nutrition to the skin.

3. Skin and Face Cream

After your little one takes a bath, give organic cream or lotion specifically for the child’s skin and face to protect his still sensitive skin. Moms can give Chubby Chubbs from Buds Organics to soften, protect and nourish your little one’s facial skin.

This cream is made from organic ingredients that have been certified by Ecocert, which are able to protect facial skin from free radicals. In addition, this cream also helps maintain moisture and smoothen her facial skin. Buds Organics Chubby Chubbs is also free from artificial fragrances and preservatives, as well as other harmful chemicals, so it’s safe for your little one to use.

Taking care of children’s health from an early age is indeed the obligation of parents, from food to skincare that your little one uses. Choose the best for every need, so that your little one grows well and optimally. For skincare, don’t forget to choose organic, Moms!