Postnatal care for a speedy recovery

Starting from preparation before giving birth to postnatal care, it seems that attention needs to be given to every mother who wants to give birth normally. This is of course done so that the postnatal recovery process becomes faster. Moreover, mother who gave birth will get stitches.

Of course good care must be done to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, many experience swelling and bruising in the vagina and bladder. In addition, there is also pain in the area around the stitches. This is why, it is very important for postpartum care methods.

Normal childbirth with stitches, here’s how to take care of it!

After a mother gives birth to a baby, it takes a long time to recover. In addition, it will be very busy because of taking care of the baby.

However, that does not mean that you should neglect your health and self-care. You should continue to take care after giving birth so it doesn’t take longer to recover.

Here are some tips for caring for normal postpartum mothers with stitches. Because vaginal sutures require extra care to avoid infection.

·         Cold Compress Suture Wounds

You can compress the suture area in the vagina by using ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. Do it several times a day for 10 minutes.

The cold temperature of the compress can help relieve swelling and pain around the suture area. But avoid compressing it directly with ice cubes without any barrier.

·         Use warm water when bathing and defecating

When you urinate after a normal delivery and get stitches, it may sting. To reduce pain, wash the vaginal area with warm water. After urinating, wipe the vagina to keep it dry with a tissue.

When bathing is also better when using warm water. Because it will give a calming effect. Warm water can also clean the seam area.

·         Keeping the Hand Area Clean To avoid infection

you should wash your hands with soap or antibacterial. This can be done before cleaning the vagina and perineum. This includes bathing, changing sanitary napkins and urinating and defecating.

To speed up healing, you can use antiseptic liquid in the suture area. You do this by dissolving the liquid in warm water and then flushing the seam area.

·         Change sanitary napkins regularly

After a normal delivery, you need to change the pads periodically, which is about every 2 to 4 hours during puerperal bleeding. It is very important to do this, to avoid the vaginal suture from infection.

Make sure the sanitary products are hypoallergenic, have a balanced pH and don’t use fragrances. However, it is okay to use pads that give a cold sensation.

·         Fiber Consumption

After a normal delivery, usually the mother does not defecate for several days. If this condition continues, it will cause constipation.

To prevent this, you can consume fibrous foods, such as fruits and vegetables. In addition, you should also drink lots of water.

If you pass stool smoothly, then you don’t have to worry about the stitches coming off if you push hard. Despite the fact that it is rare for the stitches to come off.

By consuming enough fiber, it also helps as a way to shrink the stomach after giving birth.

Conditions That Cause Vaginal Needs to Get Stitches

Vaginal sutures are common during vaginal delivery. During childbirth and the perineum is torn, the vagina must receive stitches. The perineum is the area between the vagina and anus.

There are several conditions that require the midwife or doctor to take vaginal sutures. The first is to give birth by the normal method.

The labor process is long, the baby is stuck in the birth canal and giving birth to a baby weighing more than 4 kilograms will cause a deep tear in the perineum. In addition, the delivery process with medical measures such as vacuum.

Episiotomy or cutting the perineum due to certain circumstances also requires vaginal sutures. Vaginal tears will need to be stitched, depending on their severity.

First tear at the mouth of the vagina and perineal skin. Then the tear is deep enough to enter the perineal muscle. Furthermore, vaginal tears in the skin and muscles, perineum and anus.

Try to get enough rest after giving birth. Childbirth is a very tiring long process. So, use the best possible time to have sufficient time for your rest and sleep.


Mothers who give birth with stitches need proper and proper care. Of course it aims to happen things that are not desirable, such as infection. In fact, the vagina that must get stitches also has several factors that cause it. For example, a baby weighing more than 4 kilograms or who has a perineal tear and many more. Try to get enough rest so that the condition recovers faster.

Some of the ways of normal postnatal care above can speed up the healing process. Especially for mothers who give birth normally with stitches, these tips can make the wound dry quickly.