Treat Baby’s Skin Properly to Avoid Problems!

Baby skin is very susceptible to problems because it is still thin and sensitive. Luckily, most baby skin problems are harmless and can go away with time. If your little one has returned from the hospital or maternity clinic, now is the time for Mums to recognize what skin problems he can experience and how to take care of his skin! You can use organic buds.

Skin Problems in Babies

Among the many surprises from the presence of your little one in the midst of Mums and Dads, the condition of his skin which turned out to be not as smooth as imagined could be one of them. In fact, there are many skin problems that will come to your little one in the first year of life. Here’s the description!

I. Baby Acne

About 40% of babies will develop baby acne. Generally, this will appear when your little one is 2-3 weeks old and will last until he reaches 4-6 months. These small pimples are usually caused by the mother’s hormones, which are still circulating in the little one’s bloodstream.

The good news, although it looks worrying, the presence of baby acne won’t bother your little one and won’t leave permanent scars as long as you don’t squeeze or rub it too hard in the shower. Preferably, the skin area is enough to be cleaned using water and soap about 2-3 times a day. Then, dry using a soft towel by patting gently.

II. Cradle Cap

Do you find yellowish crusts, red bumps, and dandruff on your little one’s head? Well, that’s called the cradle cap condition! This problem is quite often experienced by babies in the first 3 months of birth, and does not go away until the age of 1 year.

Cradle cap can’t be completely removed, but you can reduce the crust on your little one’s head by gently shampooing his hair and gently massaging his head.

III. Dry skin

Not only adults, babies can also experience dry skin. In fact, the fact is that your little one is much more susceptible to it because his skin is still very sensitive. Your way to fight this problem is to hydrate your skin! Feed your little one regularly. In addition, you can apply lotion after bathing to moisturize your little one’s skin.

IV. Prickly heat

Duh, this rash is really annoying, Mums! This rash, known to Indonesians as prickly heat, can appear on the face, neck, and armpits, due to sweat. Prickly heat will usually go away on its own within a week. However, this will make your little one feel itchy and uncomfortable.

The best way to relieve prickly heat is to bathe your little one in cold water. Also choose organic toiletries that do not use certain substances, so prickly heat doesn’t get worse.

V. Diaper Rash

Does the baby’s skin that is covered with diapers, especially the buttocks, develop a rash? This type of skin irritation occurs because of 2 things, too moist, too little exposure to the air, and too irritant.

The best way to relieve diaper rash is to change your baby’s diaper as often as possible. Instead of putting her on a new diaper right away, wait 10 minutes for the skin to be exposed to the air first. If within 2 or 3 days does not improve, then contact the pediatrician.

VI. Eczema

The last and most common skin problem in babies is eczema, aka atopic dermatitis. An itchy rash can start on the head and spread to other parts of the body. Then, a small pimple filled with water will appear that can burst. This will make your little one feel uncomfortable. To relieve eczema, apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer to your little one’s skin. Call the doctor if your little one’s skin condition does not improve.

Treat it Properly
Some of the skin problems above may indeed be unavoidable. However, there is nothing wrong with us as parents giving the best for the care of your little one’s skin which is still very sensitive!