Recognize the stages of mpation texture based on your little one’s age

“Providing MPASI must be done after your little one is ready or at least 6 months old. Give MPASI with a texture appropriate to his age.”

Did Mommy know that the texture stages of MPASI are differentiated based on age? The MPASI texture stages start from giving the smoothest MPASI. The older the baby is, the rougher the texture will be.

Introducing MPASI to babies must be done gradually. Texture is one of the main concerns so that your little one does not reject the MPASI given.

Before discussing the texture stages of MPASI, does Mommy know what MPASI is and how to administer it? Read the following explanation

Understanding MPASI

MPASI is an abbreviation for complementary food for breast milk. This food is given after your little one reaches the age of 6 months and above.

Babies aged 0-6 months do not need to be given complementary foods. The reason is that his nutrition is sufficient from breast milk.

At the age of 6 months, MPASI can only be given. At this age babies are starting to need additional nutrition. This is because breast milk alone is still insufficient to meet the body’s nutritional needs.

Apart from the increasing nutritional needs, the baby’s digestive system has begun to develop and can accept food other than breast milk starting at the age of 6 months. Of course, in administering it, there are stages of MPASI texture that need to be used as a guide.

Terms and Strategies for Providing MPASI

According to IDAI, there are 4 conditions and strategies for providing MPASI to babies, namely:

1. Be punctual

Give your baby MPASI when breast milk cannot meet his nutritional needs or around 6 months of age.

2. Adequate

MPASI must be able to meet the needs for micronutrients, protein and energy, approximately 200 kilo calories per day.

3. Safe and Hygienic

In the process of making MPASI, safe and hygienic materials and tools must be used.

4. Provided Responsively

Give MPASI responsively, meaning give MPASI when your little one is hungry and stop when your little one gives a signal that he is full.

Signs that your little one is ready to be given MPASI

Do you have to wait until your little one is 6 months old before being given MPASI? This is a guideline for the ideal age for giving MPASI. However, there are babies who are less than 6 months old and are ready for MPASI, and there are also babies who are 6 months old but are not ready to be given MPASI.

To find out whether your baby is ready to get MPASI, Mommy must know the signs. The signs that your little one is ready for MPASI are:

  1. Your little one can now sit with his neck straight. In addition, it can lift its head on its own without help.
  2. Starting to be interested in the food he sees, such as trying to reach the food that is in front of your little one, then putting it into his mouth.
  3. Your little one still feels hungry even though he is given breast milk regularly.

If your little one shows these signs, then he is ready to get MPASI. Don’t delay, because giving MPASI too late can hinder your little one’s development.

MPASI Texture Stages Based on Age

WHO, as the world health agency, classifies the texture of MPASI based on the baby’s age. There are 5 stages of MPASI texture according to WHO based on age, namely:

1. Age 6 Months

The texture stages of MPASI for the first 6 months are pure or smooth and slightly liquid. Avoid giving MPASI that is too thick. Food that is too thick can cause your little one to choke. Mommy can try giving Ivenet Sweet Potato Pure for the early stages of MPASI for your little one.

Ivenet Sweet Potato Puree

Ivenet Sweet Potato Puree is made from a mixture of banana and Korean sweet potato with a very soft texture. The packaging is also easy for you to carry everywhere.

Ivenet Sweet Potato is rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins which are good for improving digestion and children’s growth. It does not contain MSG and dangerous chemicals.

There are 2 flavors available, namely sweet potato with banana and sweet potato. The most important thing about this product is that it is BPOM and HACCP certified.

2. Age 7-8 Months

The MPASI texture stage of 7-8 months is still puree but a bit rough. Mommy can improve the texture by increasing the thickness and coarseness of the MPASI made.

3. Age 9-10 Months

At this age your little one can be given food with a soft texture and coarsely chopped.

4. Age 11 Months

At the age of 11 months, start giving solid MPASI textures such as steamed rice and vegetables. Allow your little one to hold his own food.

5. Age 12 Months and Above

Entering the age of 12 months, children can be given solid MPASI texture. Even the food can be the same as the food of other family members.

Mommy must pay attention to the texture stages of MPASI. Give your little one MPASI according to his age so that his little one can grow and develop optimally according to his age.