Should I wear a belly brace during pregnancy? check the facts here!

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the condition of the stomach is getting bigger. Some mothers feel uncomfortable during activities and experience pain in the back, waist and hips due to an enlarged stomach. That is the reason pregnant women need abdominal support to support their stomach.

Benefits of Stomach Support for Pregnant Women

Bump support is one of the equipment for pregnant women that is useful as a support for the stomach and back starting from the second trimester. Apart from supporting the stomach, here are the complete benefits of using other bump supports for pregnant women.

  • Can Minimize Pain

When the stomach gets bigger, the movements are increasingly difficult and can cause pain in the back, waist and hips due to the increasingly heavy load on the stomach. Even for light activity you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, bump support is able to minimize the burden and discomfort.

You need to know, pain in the stomach and back area is caused by relaxin or a hormone that causes joints to loosen. Usually the area that hurts is in the lower back next to the tailbone.

  • Can Give A Feeling Of Comfort When Exercising

Exercise is an activity that may be difficult for you to do when you are in your second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Many pregnant women choose to stay at home because they are uncomfortable while exercising. In fact, to get a healthy and fit body condition, you still need time to exercise even if only for a short time.

Bump support can provide a sense of comfort when you exercise while protecting your stomach from the risk of pressure and impact. Sports also become more comfortable.

  • Improve Posture

Routinely wearing these abdominal support clothes can improve the posture of pregnant women, and prevent excessive strain on the lower back. During pregnancy, the position of the back is arched forward, because the heavy weight is on the stomach. Using an abdominal support will help keep your core and spine muscles awake so that you maintain good posture.

The weight of the fetus in the womb is around 2.5-4 kg in the third trimester. Imagine that heavy load you have to “carry” every day without the help of bump support. This of course will change your posture and cause pain in your body. Therefore, you should use a bump support to prevent the adverse effects of a large pregnancy from occurring. Don’t forget to choose a bump support with a material that is soft, smooth, and has good air circulation, such as the Bump Support Bodysuit from Belly Bandit. This Bump Support is specially made to optimally support the stomach and back. With a pull-on design, this garment can support the entire body 360˚ in the lower abdominal area. This clothing also has extra wide straps that can support the stomach and provide comfort throughout the day.

The Bump Support Bodysuit is also made of Wonderweave material which is not only soft, smooth, and breathable. However, it is also well-known in stretch mark therapy, because the ingredients keep the stretch mark removal cream or lotion from transferring to clothing and absorbing it into the skin. What’s more, the design of this outfit is also bustless which is suitable to be mixed and matched with any type of bra. For those of you who are looking for bump support but in the form of leggings. Belly Bandits also have it tablets. Belly Bandit Leggings are tight leggings that can help support the stomach during pregnancy. The material is soft and smooth, and does not limit the movement of pregnant women. That way, you will be comfortable doing your daily activities.

These leggings are also made of Wonderweave material, so they can help you get rid of stretch marks from the waist down. For those of you who prefer fashion casual with a length that is only 7/8 (above the ankle), you can choose a variation of the Capri Legging model.

To wear leggings during pregnancy, pull the leggings to the top of the abdomen. If necessary, roll the waist down to under the stomach for maximum support. After giving birth, use leggings up to the top of the stomach, for protection when breastfeeding. Those are the benefits of bump support for pregnant women that you can feel after using it during pregnancy. Don’t forget to choose a quality bump support with the type you want. Good luck!!