Breasts hurt when breastfeeding? it could be that moms have mastitis!

Pain in the breast is indeed very disturbing, Moms, especially if Mommy is in the breastfeeding phase. Duh, I feel like the pain will disappear quickly. Hormonal changes that occur when Mommy is menstruating, choosing the wrong bra size, and too much exercise can be the cause of this condition. However, the main cause of breast pain that is most often experienced by Moms is mastitis.

What is mastitis? What are the symptoms? And how to solve it? All these questions will be answered in the following description. So, let’s read in full below Moms!!

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is inflammation that occurs in the tissue in the breast. In some cases, this condition also results in infection.

Apart from pain, this inflammation also causes the breasts to swell, feel warmer, and cause a red rash. Even sufferers also experience fever and chills, as the body’s response to the infection that occurs.

This inflammation generally occurs in nursing mothers (lactation mastitis). However, several cases also occur in mothers who do not breastfeed, and even men can also be victims. If this happens to Mommy who is breastfeeding, it will be much better if Moms continue to breastfeed their little one, even though there is pain in Mommy’s breasts. This is because breast milk is needed for the growth and development of the Little One

Then what is the difference between mastitis and breast abscess? These two things are often considered as similar things by sufferers.

Abscesses usually appear as part of an infection that occurs in the tissue in the breast so that pus forms. This causes a lump that is rather hard and reddish in the breast. In addition, breast abscess is part of the complications of mastitis. To ensure this, the patient should carry out further tests, such as using an ultrasound scan.

Causes of Mastitis

Lactational mastitis, or the condition of milk getting trapped in the breast, occurs for several reasons, such as:

  • The milk ducts are clogged so that they cannot come out and cause the bacteria present in the milk to infect the surrounding area.
  • Bacteria from the baby’s mouth or the mother’s skin enter the milk ducts through torn nipples or openings in the milk ducts.

Therefore, mothers who are breastfeeding should drain or empty the milk from the breasts through the breastfeeding process. If the breasts do not empty completely, the risk of developing mastitis will be higher.

Mastitis usually only affects one side of the breast and symptoms return easily. However, this condition can be overcome, especially if Mommy is aware of the symptoms early. Recognize the symptoms and know how to deal with them through the following explanation.

Symptoms of Mastitis

It’s not uncommon for the signs and symptoms of mastitis to come on suddenly. The following are various symptoms of mastitis that can make it easier for Moms to detect this disease early:

  • Breasts feel softer and warmer to the touch.
  • There is swelling on one side of the breast.
  • Breast tissue becomes thicker and causes lumps.
  • Feeling a constant sensation of pain and burning, especially when breastfeeding.
  • Breast skin affected by reddish inflammation.
  • Feeling unwell accompanied by fever or chills.

If the above symptoms interfere with Mommy’s activities, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Prevention of Mastitis

Wow, it turns out that mastitis is scary! No need to worry Moms, mastitis can be prevented. One effective way to prevent mastitis is to understand proper breastfeeding management. Understanding how to breastfeed properly will keep your breasts healthy and your little one will get what he needs optimally.

Apart from that, there are other tips that can help Mommy to prevent mastitis from “arriving”, such as:

  • Start breastfeeding as soon as possible.
  • When breastfeeding, make sure the baby is in the right position.
  • Mothers should not limit the duration or frequency of breastfeeding.
  • If possible, always breastfeed your baby for at least the full four months – the more the better.

Overcoming Mastitis

Going to the doctor is certainly the first step that Mommy can take to find out the next step in dealing with this disease. Apart from taking antibiotics and following the doctor’s advice, you can do the following to relieve them:

  • Drink lots of water and rest.
  • Compress the inflamed part with warm water. Only use warm water for bathing.
  • If Moms are in the breastfeeding phase, increase breastfeeding activity every two hours. Use a breast pump if necessary.
  • Use a comfortable bra and do not suppress the breasts.
  • Massage the inflamed area in a circular motion and use safe breast massage oil.

Not only overcoming mastitis, routinely massaging the breasts can also improve blood flow and strengthen Mommy’s chest muscles so that Mommy’s breasts will look lifted and firmer. For Moms who are looking for safe and high-quality breast massage oil, Breast Massage Oil from Buds Organics can be the right choice for you to use.

This massage oil is made from 100% organic ingredients, which is not only able to prevent and treat mastitis, but can also improve blood circulation, help breast milk production to run more smoothly, even moisturize and nourish Mommy’s breast skin. Of course, Breast Massage Oil has certification from Ecocert, so this breast massage oil is guaranteed to be safe.

So, now you know what mastitis is, what are the symptoms, how to prevent and treat it. Regardless of whether this disease exists or not, Moms should still pay attention to the health of your breasts so that they stay healthy and avoid disease.