Stagen or corset for pregnant women and 5 benefits

Behind the happy things, pregnancy is also something that interferes with daily activities such as back pain. This can be overcome with a stagen, a corset or an octopus for pregnant women or commonly known as a pregnant belt.

Stagen for pregnant women

Stagen for pregnant women are childbirth equipment that can be used to reduce pain that occurs during the pregnancy period. In addition to reducing pain, the belt which is designed as a support for pregnant women’s abdomen and lower back support also makes it easier for pregnant women to stay active.

Benefits of stagen for pregnant women

Actually, maternity belt is not a new thing. This equipment has been used since the first with a simple form. But over time, the shape changed to be elastic and comfortable. So what are the benefits of this belt?

1. Reduce pain

The main benefit of the maternity belt is to reduce pain in the lower back and pelvis which makes it difficult for pregnant women to move. According to a study conducted in Spain on pregnant women, 65 percent of respondents complained of pelvic pain and 75 percent of respondents who complained of low back. That is, this case of pain is commonly experienced by women who are pregnant. Pain experienced by women who are pregnant is caused by the body releasing the relaxin hormone, causing the joints to become loose and unstable. This causes sharp pain in the lower back and near the tailbone. By wearing a maternity belt, this pain can be reduced. In addition, pain is also caused by the increasing weight of the fetus which adds to its own burden for the back and stomach. Wearing a maternity corset during pregnancy can help reduce pain by evenly distributing the load on the back and abdomen.

2.  Facilitate daily activities

Pregnancy is not a reason for pregnant women to stop exercising. the fact that exercising during pregnancy has good benefits for the body. Wearing a belt for pregnant women helps reduce injuries during sports and activities. The belt works by putting less pressure on the stomach.

3. Maintain posture

As gestational age increases, the posture and gait of pregnant women experience changes due to the increased weight of the fetus. Stagen for pregnant women help maintain normal posture when standing, walking, or sitting.

4. Clothing support 

When entering the second and third trimesters, pregnant women will realize that mosts tops and pants can no longer cover the stomach area perfectly. Here, the maternity corset can play a role to cover the abdominal area. So you don’t have to be embarrassed or worry about your stomach or lower back being visible during your free time.

5. Help the postpartum healing process

Besides being able to be used during pregnancy, pregnant women’s belts can be used after giving birth. During pregnancy, the ligaments and muscles around the abdomen stretch. No wonder this area feels weak after giving birth. This condition takes time to recover. Belts for pregnant women help keep the abdominal area stronger. Wearing a maternity tummy tuck also helps you feel more comfortable when taking on the task of caring for your postpartum child. But don’t tighten the stomach too tightly, because it will block blood flow and slow down the healing process for those with caesarean delivery.

Things to note 

Although maternity belts are very useful, there are a few things you need to do, such as:

  • Consult a gynecologist. Every pregnant woman has a different condition. Based on the conditions and problems of pregnancy that you are experiencing, your obstetrician can determine whether using this tool is beneficial for you or not.
  • Choose the right size. You can find maternity belts in a variety of sizes. Although almost all belts have elastic properties, make sure they are not too small. Belt size for pregnant women that is too small can put pressure on the stomach which can cause heartburn during pregnancy to interfere with blood circulation.
  • Follow the instructions for use. some maternity belts have a different way of use. Make sure you apply as recommended. a different installation than the recommended method.

Recommended belly support for pregnant women 

If you are looking for a stagen for pregnant women, the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly can be the right choice. This one belt is designed to relieve back and waist pain as well as posture during your pregnancy. Belly Bandit Upsie Belly is made of SecureStretchâ„¢ material which changes according to your body shape during pregnancy. You can adjust the size up to 30.48 cm.

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly

This belt is also equipped with a hot/cold compress bag which adds comfort when you wear it either during pregnancy or after delivery. The use of a belt from the Belly Bandit will also reduce the risk of varicose veins, hernias, and hemorrhoids. Belly Bandit is a pregnancy equipment brand originating from the United States that has a certificate from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All Belly Bandit products are made using exclusive materials that have been developed for 10 years to provide comfort and safety for pregnant women. So you don’t have to worry about using the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly..