Caesarean Section Indications, Preparation, And Recovery Process

Caesarean Section: Indications, Preparation, and Recovery Process

Pregnant women nowadays commonly opt for delivery through a caesarean section procedure. Although considered safe, it is important for every expectant mother to understand the ins and outs of this procedure. From the reasons for its implementation, benefits, to the potential risks that pregnant women may face, comprehensive understanding will help you prepare yourself as … Read more

Hindari Nyeri! Ini 3 Posisi Duduk Ibu Hamil Yang Baik

Avoid pain! Here are 3 good sitting positions for pregnant women.

“Entering the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of your pregnancy, you will experience a lot of discomfort, including when sitting. Choose a good and comfortable sitting position to avoid back pain and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Using specialized maternity underwear is also recommended to enhance comfort.” The proper sitting position for pregnant women should be considered … Read more

Cara Ampuh Mengencangkan Perut Kendur Setelah Melahirkan

Effective way to tighten a sagging stomach after giving birth

“How to tighten your stomach after giving birth?” This question often becomes a dilemma in the minds of mothers. Even though you are happy about the birth of your baby, a sagging stomach and bloating can reduce your level of self-confidence, so you need the best solution to tighten your stomach after giving birth. If … Read more

6 Tips Ampuh Kembalikan Bentuk Tubuh Setelah Melahirkan (1)

6 effective tips to restore body shape after giving birth

Pregnancy brings big changes to your body. During pregnancy, your weight will probably increase by around 5-15 kg. The size of the uterus will increase by about 500 times its normal size at the end of gestation. Not surprisingly, mothers sometimes have difficulty returning their weight back to normal after giving birth. Eits, but don’t … Read more

Haruskah Pakai Penyangga Perut Saat Hamil Cek Faktanya Disini (1)

Should I wear a belly brace during pregnancy? check the facts here!

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the condition of the stomach is getting bigger. Some mothers feel uncomfortable during activities and experience pain in the back, waist and hips due to an enlarged stomach. That is the reason pregnant women need abdominal support to support their stomach. Benefits of Stomach Support for Pregnant Women Bump … Read more