Moms, here’s the difference between organic, natural, and chemical skincare!

Moms, Ini Perbedaan Skincare Organik, Natural, Dan Kimia!

Skincare might seem like something only adults need, but did you know that little ones need skincare too? According to research, a baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s skin. Therefore, taking care of a baby’s skin requires extra attention. If you use the wrong skincare products for your little one, … Read more

Causes and Ways to Overcome Picky Eating in Young Children

Causes And Ways To Overcome Picky Eating In Young Children

Picky eating, or a child being selective about food, is not a new phenomenon among parents. Many young children show reluctance to try new foods or even reject certain foods they used to enjoy. It’s no wonder that parents worry about this phenomenon, especially if it affects the child’s nutritional intake. Explore the causes behind … Read more

Oral Phase: A Crucial Period in Child Development

Oral Phase A Crucial Period In Child Development

The oral phase is one of the critical stages in a child’s psychological development that often receives insufficient attention. During this phase, infants begin to explore their world through their mouths, engaging in activities such as sucking, biting, and swallowing. However, this stage is not just about these physical activities. Let’s delve into more detailed … Read more