Yogurt For Babies Benefits And The Appropriate Timing For Consumption

Yogurt for babies: benefits and the appropriate timing for consumption!

Once a baby reaches 6 months old, they require additional nutrition alongside breastfeeding. At this stage, complementary feeding (MPASI) begins to fulfill the little one’s daily nutritional needs. Yogurt, as a fermented dairy product rich in probiotics and nutrients, can be a choice for moms as a complementary food for their baby. But when is … Read more

Causes And Ways To Overcome Picky Eating In Young Children

Causes and Ways to Overcome Picky Eating in Young Children

Picky eating, or a child being selective about food, is not a new phenomenon among parents. Many young children show reluctance to try new foods or even reject certain foods they used to enjoy. It’s no wonder that parents worry about this phenomenon, especially if it affects the child’s nutritional intake. Explore the causes behind … Read more

Pemanis Buatan Untuk Anak Kenali Jenis Dan Bahayanya Di Sini (1)

Artificial sweeteners for children: find out the types and dangers here!

Foods and snacks for children that are freely sold out there mostly contain artificial sweeteners. This additional ingredient provides a sweet effect with low calories, without using sugar. Many parents consider this artificial sweetener safer than sugar. The reason, artificial sweeteners do not trigger blood sugar spikes. Is that right? Are artificial sweeteners safe for … Read more