Effective way to tighten a sagging stomach after giving birth

Cara Ampuh Mengencangkan Perut Kendur Setelah Melahirkan

“How to tighten your stomach after giving birth?” This question often becomes a dilemma in the minds of mothers. Even though you are happy about the birth of your baby, a sagging stomach and bloating can reduce your level of self-confidence, so you need the best solution to tighten your stomach after giving birth. If … Read more

Mom should know!! this is how to properly breastfeed a child

Ibu Harus Tahu Begini Cara Menyusui Anak Dengan Benar (1)

Breastfeeding is the next phase that the baby and mother will go through after the birth process. Even though most people think breastfeeding is something natural, many mothers are still confused about how to breastfeed their children properly. For Mommy who is still confused, see the full review below. Benefits of Breastfeeding The Centers for … Read more

Can stretch marks during pregnancy go away? here’s the answer!

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Most pregnant women can develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are harmless, but these pink and purplish lines are thought to be distracting. Because stretch marks often appear on the skin area of ​​the abdomen, breasts, and thighs. Then, can stretch marks disappear? The answer is no. Stretch marks that appear during or after pregnancy, can not be completely … Read more