The importance of me time for super busy moms

In the midst of routine as a mother, of course you need time for me time. Me time means taking time to relax for a moment from the hectic daily grind. The many responsibilities ranging from taking care of the household, work, to taking care of the little one, make me time the right choice to continue to keep Mums in a good mood.

Well, besides being a moment to relax and calm the mind, it turns out that me time also has many benefits, you know, Mums. What are the benefits of me time for mothers? So what are the me time ideas that can be done? Here’s the description!

Benefits of Me Time for Mom

The presence of your little one in your life certainly takes up a lot of time. Not to mention the routines that you have to run every day. No wonder if these things can trigger fatigue and even stress in Mums. Well, to prevent the negative effects of fatigue and stress that you experience, there’s nothing wrong if you take a break for me time!

The main benefit that you feel after me time is of course being more relaxed. However, not only that, the feeling of relaxation that you feel can also bring many benefits, both for you and for your family.

Me time can trigger productivity, calm the mind, and improve mood

so that Mums can act more rationally and be able to manage emotions well when dealing with unpleasant conditions in everyday life.

Me Time Ideas for Mums

There’s no need to feel guilty if you want to take a moment for me time. Because after all, Mums need time to take a break from the hectic routine.

So, what are the me time activities that can be done? Here are some me time ideas for Mums!

1. Go with friends

Sometimes after becoming a mother, Mums like to feel distant from old friends because they rarely see each other. Well, when there is me time, use that time to meet them again.

Chatting casually about new routines and updates about their lives while drinking a cup of tea is sure to be a fun moment. Guaranteed there will be many exciting stories to talk about.

2. Do a hobby

Some Mums may have a hobby of gardening, reading, watching movies, and others. Unfortunately, with a hectic routine, there are those who feel the need to put it second. In fact, by doing a hobby that you like, your mood can be better. Therefore, take advantage of this me time to do an old hobby that was forgotten.

3. Calling friends or family

If indeed the duration of the me time is not too long and it is impossible for you to leave the house, there is no need to be disappointed. Mums can still take advantage of me time by calling or making video calls with friends and family.

Tell them fun things and your mood will improve after hearing their voices or seeing their happy faces when they hear from you.

4. Aromatherapy bath

The density of daily routines often causes some mothers to experience stress. Your body will produce excess oil when stressed, which can lead to acne and premature aging. Not only that, stress can also cause hair to become dandruff and fall out! Wow, that’s scary, Mums.

I want to have me time so I don’t get stressed, but 24 hours a day is never enough to fulfill a busy mother. In fact, for bathing, Mums are often in a hurry because they don’t want to leave their little one for too long. Well, now is the time for Mums to relax under a warm shower while accompanied by soothing aromatherapy.

In this modern era, soothing aromatherapy can not only be enjoyed in the bedroom, but also in the bathroom. Currently there are vitamin shower capsules as well as aromatherapy that you can use every day.


This vitamin shower capsule is also known as Daily Cha-E Vitapresso. In the form of a filter for shower baths, Vitapresso contains aromatherapy and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The aromatherapy content in Vitapresso can help reduce stress, brighten and smooth the skin, and maintain healthy hair. Available in 4 soothing fragrance variants, namely Lavender, Bahama Blue, Black Cherry, and White Musk. So, you can choose your own favorite aromatherapy Mums.

Well, there are various ways you can do to keep your mood good and prevent you from stress. After all, being a mother is certainly not easy. There are many responsibilities that you need to live up to. Therefore, don’t forget to make time for me time, Mums!

Source: Guesehat