This is the equipment that mothers must have when they are pregnant

Pregnant and imagining the presence of the baby is a happy moment for a woman. So that everyone only focuses on the needs of the Little One, and puts aside Mommy’s own needs. Even though during pregnancy, Mommy also needs to prepare and have her own equipment. So, here’s Mommy’s equipment during a big pregnancy that needs to be prepared.

Pregnancy Pillow

Large pregnancy is a period of pregnancy that has entered the second to third trimester. At this time, usually Mommy has started not to feel nauseous or feel morning sickness anymore, and her stomach has started to look bigger.

When the stomach looks bigger, Mommy usually starts having trouble sleeping. In order to get enough quality rest in a comfortable position while sleeping, pregnant women need a special pillow for pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows can help Mommy get comfortable while sleeping, because they have the right shape to support the stomach. In addition, this special pillow can also help reduce cramps and back pain complaints.

Stretch Mark Cream

Entering the second trimester, the body begins to experience many changes, weight increases and the stomach grows. This triggers the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, in order to prevent and disguise stretch marks, Mommy can start applying stretch mark cream in several areas. such as, stomach, thigh, or upper arm.

Pregnancy Special Shirts and Pants

With the increase in body weight, abdominal circumference, and breasts that are getting bigger after entering the second trimester, “forcing” Mommy to need special clothes and pants for pregnancy. Generally, pregnancy clothes and pants are loose and comfortable to wear. Mommy can choose clothes and pants made of thin material that can absorb sweat.

Pain Relief Oil

Mommy’s equipment during her next big pregnancy is aches reliever oil. Because as the gestational age increases and the baby grows, Mommy is prone to experiencing aches, especially in the legs and back. Therefore, Mommy needs to prepare a topical oil made from natural ingredients that do not harm the fetus. Then Moms can gently massage the aching part.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Pregnancy is getting bigger, meaning Mommy is starting to register what equipment must be owned before giving birth. One of them is breastfeeding equipment, such as breast pumps and ASIP bags to accommodate expressed breast milk.

Maternity Pads

Mommy’s equipment during a big pregnancy that is no less important is maternity pads. Maternity pads are one of the items that Mommy needs and must bring during labor. This is done so that Moms are better prepared and don’t panic when labor time arrives.

Pregnancy Bras

As the gestational age continues to increase, the size of the breasts also gets bigger and firmer. This is because the breasts have started to produce milk. For comfort, Moms should use a nursing bra made from soft material that is not too tight. So that it is not only comfortable to use, but can also reduce the risk of rashes on Mommy’s breasts.

Pregnancy Special Underwear

The larger the size of the fetus, the more careful Moms must be in their activities because they are at risk of being exposed to friction and pressure. Not to mention the weight of the fetus that is getting heavier, can cause pain in the back and waist. To protect the baby while supporting its weight, Moms can use special pregnancy underwear.

This underwear is able to protect the uterus and stomach from shocks, pressure, and friction when Mommy is active. In addition, special pregnancy underwear can also support the weight of the fetus, so that Moms can avoid pain and aches. For example when driving, light exercise or doing other daily activities. In addition, pregnancy underwear can also minimize pain and help you sleep better.

One of the special pregnancy underwear that is guaranteed to be able to support the baby’s weight as well as protect and provide a feeling of comfort when worn everyday is Belly Boost from Belly Bandit. This underwear serves to support and support the stomach of pregnant women so that pain in the back and hips can subside during a large pregnancy. The secure stretch area is specifically designed to support the ache-prone lower back towards the end of the trimester.

Belly Boost (1)

Belly Boost is made from Wonderweave material which is soft, comfortable, and effective for removing stretch marks, because the material is able to keep anti-stretch mark cream or lotion on the skin (not on direct clothing). This uterine support underwear has good air circulation (breathable), flexible, and lightweight so it provides a sense of comfort when used during pregnancy exercises or other light sports. Those are the various equipments for mothers during big pregnancy that need to be prepared. Approximately from all the equipment list above, which equipment has Mommy prepared? Remember!! Don’t let anyone miss it, Moms!