Try doing this to overcome the GTM Children to bring back kids appetite

What parent has never faced a child who is lazy to eat? The causes of lazy eating can be various, one of which is the taste of food that does not fit. When in fact, even from a baby, children can already know the delicious taste like an adult’s tongue, you know.

Sometimes we as parents feel worried when we want to sprinkle more salt so that the taste of food for children is more fitting. That means we need to rack our brains, ENDEUSiast, find a way to get the little one to eat. Try this Endeus mainstay, Sprinkling Recipe from Ivenet. The taste is delicious, suitable to be sprinkled on any food. The texture is also very suitable for little ones who are just learning to eat.

Made from vegetables, the content of salicornia salt which is rich in antioxidants, choline, betaine, fiber, to minerals makes Sprinkle Recipe rich in benefits for the growth of your little one. Additional tips for ENDEUSiast who want to serve more delicious food, try mixing Ivenet Bebe Sesame Oil in family cooking, hmm.

Ivenet Bebe Sesame Oil has a more fragrant aroma and a lighter taste because it uses sesame seeds that are free of pesticides and roasted at low temperatures, so it’s definitely safe for families. Not only that, Ivenet Bebe Sesame Oil also goes through a 5x rinsing process during the germination process so that hygiene is guaranteed.

No effort is wasted ENDEUSiast! Try it now for the sake of your little one being hungry. For starters, ENDEUSiast can try giving the child warm rice with a sprinkling of Sprinkling Recipe and add 1 teaspoon of Ivenet Bebe Sesame Oil. I’m sure your little one is addicted because the taste is hmmmm…Endeus!

Source: Endeus TV