Urban Parenting Event for Mama

Maintaining the health of your little one can be done in various ways, two of which are by maintaining healthy skin and food intake.

At the end of last September, children’s skincare brand Buds Organic and baby food brand Ivenet officially launched their products with an event themed “Urban Parenting”. The event which was attended by Moms Influencers and several media outlets also collaborated with several other brands such as the clothing line Evvel.id, and Shu Uemura, a well-known makeup brand from Japan.

Baby’s skin is still sensitive, of course, requires special care so that the skin remains healthy without irritation. One way to prevent your little one from getting irritated is to keep their skin moist. Giving baby lotion from Buds Organics can be one solution so that babies avoid this uncomfortable condition.

This Buds Organic baby skin care product is safe for Mama’s baby because this product has been certified by ECOCRET, the world’s largest organic certification body based in Paris.

At the age of five, Buds Organics has officially launched all of its product categories, which total more than 65 units. Thus, this product is one of the world’s largest organic skincare products that are already present in Indonesia.

In accordance with its tagline, “Gentle yet effective”, the Buds Organics series does not use harmful chemicals so it is very effective in dealing with rashes or eczema, preventing flu or flatulence, and treating stretch marks for Mama.

“I have been using hand soap for a long time and it fits my hand. Even since birth, my child, who has had rashes, can recover when he takes a bath using Buds Organic products,” explained Catherine Sumitri, mother of one child and a Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer.

Buds Organics products have several categories such as shampoo, hand soap, hand sanitizer, to house hold organics products.

Well, in addition to maintaining healthy skin, Mama must also care about the intake of the Little One, including the snacks.

Along with Buds Organics, Ivenet also launched its first product in Indonesia. Ivenet is a snack product and complementary food for babies and toddlers from Korea. Ivenet has a variety of flavors, you know, Mamas.

This product can be consumed by Mama’s baby since he is over seven months old or when he enters the MPASI period. In Korea, Ivenet is the choice of parents because it has a variety of nutrients that children need and does not contain harmful flavorings.

“Ivenet is suitable to be taken when traveling as a snack for children while traveling. I took it with me on vacation yesterday. And it turns out that Gwen really likes it. This is a snack that must be taken everywhere for my child,” said Jessica Forrester, Moms Influencer who was also present at this event.

Ivenet comes in a variety of shapes and flavors. There is finger food for the toddler, and there is also puree for the baby. Have you tried these two products, Mamas? (Tammy Febriani/KR/Photo: Doc. SmartMama.com)

Article by SmartMama