Does your child often fuss at night? try doing massage on his body

Every parent is anxious and stressed if the baby is fussy, especially at night. A fussy baby can be a sign that your little one is uncomfortable. Generally, babies are fussy when they are 2-3 weeks old until they are 3-4 months old. Crying is a form of communication for your little one to tell their parents about their condition. In fact, children can spend 2-3 hours per day crying. Therefore, as a parent you need to know what are the causes and how to deal with children when they are fussy. Here’s the explanation.

Causes of Children Being Fussy

Calming a fussy child is a challenge for parents. So that you can deal with it, the first thing you have to do is find out why your child is fussy. That way you can use the right way to calm him down.

Here are the things that make children fussy:

1. Colic

Colic is a term used to describe the condition of a baby who is fussy and cries for no reason, which generally occurs in newborns. However, this condition will begin to decrease when the baby is 3-4 months old.

Although some experts think that babies experience colic because they are not used to their new environment and their digestive system has begun to be active, but the cause of colic is still unclear until now.

Babies are said to have colic if they cry for 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, and this happens in the same week even though the body is healthy.

Some of the characteristics of children experiencing colic are:

  •  It’s hard to calm down
  • Clenching hands
  • The baby’s face is red
  • Raise knees to your stomach
  • The baby’s stomach growled

2. Lack of sleep

Sleeping is not an easy thing for babies. This can make them tired so they become cranky. The prone sleeping position is not comfortable for the baby so that the rest is not optimal. Avoid putting your baby to sleep in this position so he doesn’t get tired and cranky.

In addition to these two things, some of the causes of fussy babies can be caused by hunger, dirty diapers, to colds.

Tips for Overcoming a Fussy Child

Once you know what’s causing your child to be fussy, you can use a number of ways to calm them down, such as:

1. Swaddle the Little One

Some think that fussy babies are part of the baby’s adaptation to a new environment. While in the womb the baby cannot move freely. Meanwhile, after birth, the baby can move more freely. This made him uncomfortable.

Swaddling is a way that you can use to make it seem as if the baby is back in the womb. Where it cannot move freely. In a 2002 study, it was found that babies sleep better when swaddled.

2. Give a soothing sound

In addition to limited range of motion, babies are also used to listening to the muffled sounds of the heartbeat, movements in digestion, the rhythm of your breath, and outside sounds.

To make her feel like she’s back in the womb, you can use soothing sounds like “shhhh”. Say it constantly but gently close to his ear. This can help the baby relax more.

3. Massaging Baby

Gentle massage can help your baby relax, ease his fussiness, and even make him sleep better. Massaging the baby’s stomach slowly is believed to launch the digestive system and blood circulation. That’s why massaging babies is often done to overcome problems such as bloating, cramps, and constipation that are often the cause of fussy little ones. In addition, massaging a baby can also increase the emotional bond or bonding between parents and children because skin-to-skin touch between parents and children can provide peace to the child.

To make baby massage easier and more enjoyable, use baby massage oil which not only makes your hands smoother, but also nourishes and protects your little one’s skin. One of the recommended massage oils is Buds Organics Baby & Infant Massage Oil. In addition to protecting baby’s skin from friction, this oil also provides various benefits such as nourishing, maintaining, and strengthening the baby’s skin layer.

This massage oil is made from 99% organic ingredients, free of artificial fragrances & harmful chemicals, and has been certified EcoCert so it is guaranteed to be safe for baby’s skin and does not cause irritation.

4. Apply body warming cream

In addition to massage oil, you can also apply a body warming cream to help relieve your little one’s fussiness and make him sleep better.

One of the baby body warming creams that you can use is Buds Organics Calming Tummy Rub Cream. This lotion serves to provide warmth, relieve your little one’s fuss, and provide a relaxing effect so that the baby sleeps soundly. This cream is made from a minimum of 95% organic ingredients and has been certified by EcoCert so it is guaranteed to be safe, non- irritating, and suitable for all baby skin types.

Whether your little one is the first child or not, fussy babies often make parents nervous. But you don’t need to panic, the first step to dealing with a fussy child is knowing the cause. Generally fussiness is caused by colic and fatigue. To handle it you can do swaddling, massage, to apply warming cream.

Some of these ways you can also do when the baby is healthy, such as massaging the baby. Because the benefits of massaging babies are very good for improving parent-child relationships and helping their growth and development.

Source: SehatQ