Note this! These are tips for keeping children’s hair healthy, mums!

Keeping your child’s hair healthy is one of the most important things you should do. You see, when your little one is 6 months old, your little one’s permanent hair begins to grow. Hair that is not taken care of early on can grow uneven, thin, to bald. So that the condition of your child’s hair remains healthy and awake, let’s take notes on tips for maintaining the health of your little one’s hair!

Child’s Hair Development

Children’s hair follicles have developed since the little one was in the womb, precisely when Mums’ gestational age reached 14-15 weeks. The hair will grow until the child is born. When the child is 0-6 months old, the little one’s hair will fall out and this is normal.

Then, about when will your little one’s permanent hair grow optimally? The answer is no definite time, Mums. It all depends on each child. Some grow optimally at the age of 6 months, some when they enter the age of 2-3 years. However, there is no need to wait to take care of your little one’s hair, Mum.

Tips for Maintaining Children’s Hair Health

Baby hair is the softest part of the body among all other parts of the body. So, it needs to be treated with extra care. As parents, you need to pay attention to what method is best for maintaining the health of your little one’s hair.

Do the following tips so that your little one’s hair is always healthy from an early age!

  1. Regularly Wash and Use Conditioner

One of the causes of a child’s brittle and thin hair is a dirty and sweaty scalp. Therefore, your little one needs to wash their hair regularly. Newborn babies do not need to be washed every day, as the little one gets older, it can be done 3 times a week. However, if your little one’s hair type is oily and straight, then you can wash it more than that. The weather and the child’s activity level can also be a determinant of how many times your little one should be washed.

When shampooing, make sure you massage your little one’s scalp gently. Massaging too tightly can disrupt your little one’s hair follicles, which can cause hair to fall out and become damaged.

After that, Mums can also provide conditioner so that your little one’s hair is shinier, softer, and not tangled. Especially if the weather is cold or the climate is drier, then the conditioner is able to provide double protection to maintain the health of children’s hair.

  1. Don’t forget to comb

Maintaining the health of children’s hair is not only focused on bathing sessions, you know, Mums. Daily care outside of bath time should also not be neglected, one of which is combing the hair.

Combing your hair can stimulate the pores on your scalp to open and promote healthy sebum production. In fact, this activity can also help reduce the cradle cap on your little one’s head, you know.

Do not forget to choose a comb that is soft or has sparse teeth. Avoid combing your little one’s hair in wet conditions after shampooing and too often, just comb it 1-2 times a day.

  1. Be careful using hair accessories

Children’s hair accessories, especially girls, are really cute, aren’t they, Mums? However, you need to be careful in choosing hair accessories and when applying them to your little one’s hair. Do not put your little one in a bandana or clip that is too tight and tie his hair too tight so that his hair doesn’t break or fall out.

  1. Give Food Rich in Nutrients

In the first 6 months, your little one will still breastfeed exclusively. However, after that, you can give him nutritious foods that can help nourish your hair, such as protein, calcium, complex carbohydrates, good fats, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and E.

  1. Choose the Right Hair Care Products

This is one way to maintain the health of children’s hair that should not be underestimated. Hair care products used in your little one’s hair should not be careless, but should be specially formulated to accommodate the needs of their hair and sensitive skin. If you choose, what is there can actually lead to irritation and other skin problems. Duh, don’t let that happen to your little one, Mums!

A series of hair care products from Buds Organics can be an option. To maintain and care for your little one’s hair and scalp, hair care products from Buds Organics provide a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, free from artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals, and have been certified by Ecocert, so they are guaranteed safe and of good quality for your little one’s scalp.

For ages 6 months – 3 years, Everyday Shampoo will nourish your little one’s scalp when he enters his active period. While Lavender and Orange Shampoo are effective to clean hair thoroughly without causing itching and irritation on the scalp of the little one at the age of 3-12 years.

After shampooing, you can also give your little one a special conditioner for children. Buds Conditioner is able to help soften hair and nourish your little one’s scalp, so that the health of his hair is maintained.

Even though there is a myth that conditioner is not good for children, you don’t need to be afraid because Buds Conditioner does not contain silicone and harmful chemicals. The use of Buds Conditioner will not cause your baby’s scalp pores to become clogged, dandruff, or irritated.

Well, that’s how to maintain the health of your child’s hair that you can apply from an early age. Even though your little one’s hair is still not as thick or thick as adult hair, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cared for and underestimated, Mums. Also choose the right products and specifically for babies so that your little one avoids itching and irritation. Mums are ready to do various tips to take care of your little one’s hair? READY!

Source: Guesehat