Best solution! free from dry hands due to hand sanitizer

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize that maintaining personal hygiene is very important. One effective way is to use sanitizer.

However, what if your hand skin is dry because of using hand sanitizer? Check out the solutions and tips for choosing a good and safe hand sanitizer in the explanation below.

What is the function of Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic solution used to clean hands without water and soap. Its function is to kill germs, bacteria and several types of viruses that may be on our hands.

Apart from being very practical, sanitizer is quite effective in preventing the spread of disease. However, Mommy should still wash her hands with soap and running water for maximum results. Apart from that, one of the side effects of hand sanitizer on the skin is dry and cracked skin.

Why Does Hand Sanitizer Make Hands Dry?

Generally, sanitizers contain alcohol as one of the main ingredients. This is the reason hand sanitizer causes dry skin. Alcohol’s ability to kill germs and viruses can actually remove natural oils from the skin.

As a result, the skin loses moisture and becomes dry. In addition, excessive and repeated use of sanitizer can worsen this condition, making hands dry, rough, and even chapped.

One of the easiest solutions is to use moisturizer to keep your hand skin hydrated.

Tips for Caring for Your Hands After Using Hand Sanitizer

So what can Mommy do to keep her hands moist due to using hand sanitizer? Here are tips for caring for your hands to keep them soft and healthy.

1. Use hand moisturizer

After using sanitizer, apply hand cream or hand lotion to restore skin moisture. Mommy can look for a moisturizer that contains aloe vera, glycerin, or shea butter.

2. Use only enough

Sanitizers are effective in killing germs and some viruses. However, make sure not to use it excessively. It would be better if it is only an option when there is no access to running water and soap.

3. Drink Enough

One of the causes of dry skin is a dehydrated body. Therefore, make sure your body is well hydrated by drinking enough.

4. Use Gloves

If Mommy is in a cold or dry place, using gloves is the right idea. In addition, it would be better to apply moisturizer before wearing gloves. Doing this will help keep your hands moisturized.

5. Choose a hand sanitizer with moisturizer

Some sanitizers contain moisturizers. If Mommy has skin that tends to be dry, make sure the product you choose provides more moisture for the skin.

Apart from that, washing your hands with gentle soap and running water is the right way to avoid dry skin due to using hand sanitizer.

With proper care, Mommy can keep her hands clean from germs while keeping her skin moist and healthy.

How to Choose a Good Hand Sanitizer?

Choosing a good sanitizer is important to ensure its effectiveness and maintain healthy hand skin. Here are several ways to choose a good hand sanitizer.

  • Generally, effective sanitizers contain between 60-70% alcohol. This alcohol functions as a germ and virus killer.
  • Choose a sanitizer that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera or glycerin to prevent your hand skin from becoming too dry.
  • Avoid products that contain dangerous chemicals, such as parabens or synthetic fragrances that may irritate the skin.
  • Make sure the product has certification from the relevant health agency and has been tested in a laboratory to guarantee its effectiveness.
  • Sanitizers are available in various forms, such as gel, liquid, or foam. Choose the one that feels most comfortable to use.

With the circulation of hand sanitizers in all forms and brands, Buds Organics Hand Sanitiser offers a solution for hand hygiene without rinsing that Mommy can choose. This hand sanitizer is made from organic ingredients which have received Ecocert certification from France.

Buds Organics Hand Sanitiser

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Mommy also doesn’t need to worry because this product is free from artificial fragrances and other dangerous chemicals. With Buds Organics, hands stay protected but remain soft and healthy.

Protect your little one and family from various viruses and germs that attack. Mommy can also avoid the problem of dry hand skin by using hand sanitizer with Buds Organics Hand Sanitiser. Maximum protection, optimal humidity!